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Lost Wedding Ring In Grassy Park.. Irvine, CA. .. Found in the Dark with a Metal Detector

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**** George called me to see if I could help him find his wife’s wedding ring lost in a park or along the walkway to the park. They had taken a break from moving into a new home, walking a couple blocks to a local park with their young son. 

His wife Shirley had put her wedding and engagement ring in a pocket of the baby’s tote bag. George was helping by carrying the bag not knowing the rings we’re in the bag. After returning to the new house Shirley could only find the engagement ring in the pocket. The wedding ring was no where to be found in the bag.

It was already after sunset but I felt it was important to get to the location even if I had to return the next morning. Sometimes it’s not possible for the person to meet me the next day. I’m also haunted by a recent ring search in grass where the lawnmower crew damaged the ring before I could find it. The there is always a possibility of someone finding the ring when it’s lost in a public place, so timing is important.

George met me about 8 pm showing me about three blocks where the and Shirley had walked to the grassy park. Then at the park he showed me a huge area where he had played hide and go seek with his little son. All the time he had the tote over his shoulder. It was going to be at least 4 or 5 hours to cover the area if I didn’t find it.

He said his wife looked at some of the videos she took during that afternoon. She believed the loss occurred in a certain spot. I thought that was the only clue I had to help me decidwhere to start.  I told George, this large of a search area would probably require me to come  back in the morning but I wanted to give it a couple hours before the park closed at 10 pm. He had a long drive back and had to work the next day.. I had what I needed to know and told him I would update him by texting.

Sometimes you start in the right location.. This was one of those times. Shirley was right about where the ring might have fallen out of the baby’s bag. I got a perfect white gold signal in the grass with my metal detector. Looking down with my searchlight revealed the wedding ring glistening on the surface of the grass.

I called George with the good news. He was about half way home but turned around to meet me. Both of us were excited about the successful search. I didn’t get to see Shirley’s reaction, George texted me..

”Thanks you so much Stan! I just gave the ring to my wife can’t even tell you how happy she is, words can’t explain”

It might have been easier to do the search the next morning. I just don’t like to see anyone have to worry and lose sleep not knowing if they will ever see that most sentimental wedding wrong again.