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Buried Cache Recovered In Backyard of Los Angeles Home by Ringfinder Stan Ross

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… Cache located in backyard. SPOILER ALERT ! The contents of the cache has been kept a secret as I agreed to a NDA .. non disclosure agreement. 

Here’s the rest of the story. Sara called me telling me she needed help to find a buried item in her backyard. Her father had buried a plastic tube in the backyard with valuables to be given to his four daughters. He has past away unexpectedly. 

He had given Sara verbal directions and told her the items were in a black pvc tube that was wrapped in plastic. It was buried in a garden area and most of it was under the concrete deck. 

The sisters had tried digging all along the garden and a couple feet under the cement deck. They had no luck finding the buried tube that she knew contained metal items.

We agreed to meet at the residence on a week day afternoon. When I accessed the area it was 90% dug up with piles of dirt along the patio deck. I chose to use my detector with a small probe type coil, several pinpointers with extension handles and a 4 foot bottle probe. 

There was at least one metal pipe that was a bit troublesome but I proceeded to check all the excavated hole. Secondly I decided to do some preliminary probing with the bottle probe. “BINGO”.. as I probed the beginning of where they had started the digging, I felt the probe hit plastic. From Sara’s description of the tube and how it was wrapped, I knew this had to be the treasure.

Three of the sisters were in the house making lunch for us ( part of the deal I made) .. They were excited about the find and called the fourth sister. They had agreed beforehand that every one would be present when the treasure was opened which would be tomorrow. I had already agreed to a non disclosure of the cache or its contents, so I didn’t get to see its contents. That OK with me. It was an awesome recovery and the ladies were very nice. Lunch was awesome .. Thank You for the Lunch !!

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Buried for 10 years, Stage Coach Robbery Treasure (Silver Bars), recovered in Texas, reported by Houston Metal Detecting Services.

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