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Spring Break Tourist Loses Sentiment Ring at Beach ..Found and Returned by TheRingFinders Member

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)












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*** Avery called me about 11:30 pm asking for help to find a very sentimental ring she had lost in the sand. She was hoping to meet me in the morning as it was so late she didn’t think I would be available now.  I know the beach well and told her our chances of finding her ring would be best if she could meet me at the location in the next 30 minutes.

We met just before midnight in a safe place of Newport Beach, CA. She had her boyfriend with her and we took off to a location 2 blocks south. They were disagreeing on the location where the loss seemed to occur. Within a few minutes her girl friend came up to us saying that we were 3 blocks south of where they had been on the beach. 

I went to that location because her girlfriend was more confident than the other two. This is not uncommon people that aren’t familiar with the beach get mixed up especially in the dark. Avery was very upset and in tears. I started a grid search with my metal detector and within 20 minutes had her ring in the sand scoop. 

You can see that it was an emotional moment when I returned the ring to Avery. This is what I like about doing these searches. I wish everyone could see as many happy moments as I have seen.

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