Engagement Ring Lost at Playa Del Rey Beach, Los Angeles County, CA. Recovered by Ringfinder Stan Ross

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


If you need help call or text  .. Stan the Metal Detector Man  ..949-500-2136

***Melanie dropped her engagement ring in the sand while at Playa Del Rey Beach, one of the Los Angeles County Beaches. She went remove her very special ring to put in her purse for safekeeping. The ring so slipped off her finger disappearing into the sand. Her fiancé, David was right there to help her search for the ring. Two hours later, no success.

Melanie’s friend was also there to help. She gave up digging through the sand and got online, where she found my contact information. After discussing the details of the loss, I assured them that the ring was findable if they stayed in the area. I was able to meet them an hour later. 

We still had plenty of daylight which is always a plus. Melanie showed me the general area. I took a few minutes to explain how the metal detector works. Then a few minutes later we had her ring in my sand scoop.. It was another recovery that went right.. We can find it, if it’s there. Modern Metal detectors work well when you have experience using them. If you’ve lost something of value where a metal detector can be used call or text an experienced metal detector expert.

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