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Lost Gold Necklace in Sand at Newport Beach, CA .. Metal Detecting Mobile Service

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


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… Sean’s family is visiting Newport Beach for a week He went surfing and put his gold necklace with a Gold Cross pendant in his backpack. Later that evening the chain and pendant were not in the Back pack.

His Aunt contacted me 3 days after the loss. They believed the jewelry may have been pulled out of the backpack when taking the towel out.

She met me on the beach telling me that the missing necklace was a gift to her nephew when he was very young.

I told her it could be findable even though several days had passed. Chains can be a challenge with most detectors. I proceeded in a large area that she showed me. Still aware that they were not sure where the loss occurred. The item wasn’t missed until they returned to their rental house four blocks away.

The recovery was made on the beach in the dry sand. It was such a broken up signal in my earphones I almost didn’t dig it..

Sean was just coming out of the water just after I found the necklace.. It was a pleasure to hand it to him. He was more than elated and very appreciative for my help.

If you or anyone you know has  lost a precious sentimental item, I can help you. Besides metal detectors, I have tools to search cars, inside buildings, in the water, etc. Call for information ..”I WILL TRY ANYWHERE “ Stan the Metal Detector Man … 949-500-2136