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Easter Egg Hunt at a Park goes wrong when two heirloom ring were lost in grass, San Dimas, CA.

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*** Tony and his family went to a San Dimas, CA. park for a picnic and Easter egg hunt. After 4 or 5 hours they got ready to leave and he realized his two gold heirloom rings were missing. They had to be somewhere in the grass. The main problems were the grass was very thick and he had been playing with his kids in a large area of the park.

He took his family home and went to the Harbor Freight store buying two metal detectors. Tony then returned to the park searching till 9pm. After an unsuccessful attempt to find either of the rings, found me on TheRingFinders website. 

We met early the next morning at the park. I decided that we should start we’re he felt they spent the most time. After a short time the two rings were recovered. Tony was so ecstatic and relieved to have these two rings back. He was very discouraged that a metal detector could find a ring in the grass because the detectors had purchased were giving faulty signals constantly. 

After finding his rings I was able to give him ideas on how the metal detector works. He is going to look into getting a better detector so he can start getting into the hobby.

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