Lost - Men's White Gold Wedding Band - Kill Devil Hills, OBX, NC - FOUND!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I received a text at 1pm Saturday.  A lady said her husband had lost his wedding band – on the beach – possible in the ocean.  I texted for her back and asked her to call.

Whitney called shortly after and said that her husband lost his ring.  He was almost sure he was in the surf when he lost it.  I asked the normal questions about where their chairs were and the areas they were in the ocean.  They knew the chances of finding the ring if it is in the water is much less.

I had to find it today, if I was going to, because we were forecast a tropical storm off the coast soon.  I ask Whitney if she could sing?  Her husband Justin said yes, she sings well.  I said, “We might have to have a song if I find the ring!”

I started in the dry sand hoping that he had lost it there but didn’t know it.  No such luck.  As I moved into the water, I was more intentional about covering every square inch.  Finally, I had a good hit.  I scooped but did not manage to get it.  Waves pushed me from target over and over.  I dug and dug with no luck.  I wasn’t going to give up on this.  After about 10 minutes on target, I had whatever it was.  I moved the scoop to the shore to inspect it.  It was a ring!

I went up to Whitney and said, “I really like the song, I Will Always Love You.”  Justin said, “Did you find it!”  I said maybe, do you have a picture?  As Whitney got her cell phone, I showed the ring to Justin.  Shouts of joy filled the beach!!!

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