Lost - Heirloom Silver Watch, Outer Banks, OBX, NC - FOUND!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I got call from Sean early in the day.  He said someone had lost a watch on the beach.  I asked the usual questions about its proximity to the water, and he said that it was in dry sand.  I told him that I would be there shortly.

When I arrived, Sean took me to a dune walkover.  There was a sitting area that was covered with sand.  He said the watch was lost somewhere between the sitting area and the cabana on the beach.

I fired up the D2 and did a complete sweep on the sitting area and the path to and inside the cabana.  Nothing but a few bottle caps.  Just then he remembered that the covering had been further to the south the previous day.  Again, nothing.  I had spent quite a bit of time.  If it were there, I should have found it.

I got more detailed information about the watch.  It was over 50 years old, silver and had been given to his wife’s mom by her mom who was born in 1918.  When I heard that, I told Sean, “We have to find it.”

I found out that Sean had not actually been with Grandma when she lost the watch so I asked if someone who was there could come down to the beach.  Donna, Sean’s mom came down and the puzzle started to fill in more.  They had walked down to the beach!

I immediately went to the water’s edge as I normally do when there is a chance that the item is in the water.  As I worked my way up, it wasn’t long until I got a strong 99 hit.  It was the watch.

When I gave the watch to Donna, she said, “I had been praying the entire time that you would find it.”  I told her that I pray every time before I search.

The family was thrilled!

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