Lost - Diamond Engagement AND Ruby Diamond Ring, Corolla, OBX, NC - FOUND!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

Normally, a person calls or texted me to notify me of their lost item of value.  Monday, I received a Facebook Message at around 4:55 in the morning.  The person, Annalise, said that her sister had lost and engagement ring and a ruby ring in Corolla.  They had left on Sunday and returned to Connecticut after spending the entire afternoon looking for the rings on the beach.

I get up early so shortly after 6 am I sent Annalise a message back and said that I would be glad to look for it.  I headed up to Corolla thinking that she would answer soon.  She did not so I stopped at the first place that met the description of the beach she described.  I spent two hours looking but I did not find the lost rings.

At around 8:50 Annalise called and told me the access where the rings had been lost, however, she was not sure where.  They had walked from a parking area and had ended up on beach near the walkover.

I decided to start at the beach and made a Facetime call to Annalise.  Asking lots of questions, I determined where they had been and the path they took to the beach.  It was time to go to work.  I know from experience how difficult it is to find items when the party has left.  I prayed.

I fired up the D2 and began sweeping the likely area.  Covering first the canopies that were set up on the spot before they were occupied, I got nothing.  Then I started the areas behind them.  Suddenly I got a good hit and a number signifying gold!  It was the engagement ring. What is the chance that I could find the other?  It was about a foot away.  Beautiful!

I texted Annalise the song Miracles by Colton Dixon and a picture…the same picture below with me holding the rings.


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  1. Steven Ray says:

    Smart detective work and persistence paid off! Way to go Mr. Duffey!

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