Lost - Gold Emerald Ring, Duck, NC, Outer Banks - FOUND!!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I got a text at 3:46 but I was busy getting food ready for the grill.  As I was eating my ribs about 4:30, I noticed I had a new text.  It was from Olivia.  She said that she has lost her ring on the beach.

I gave Olivia a call and let her know rings lost close to the water need immediate attention.  The Outer Banks is known for it’s high-energy surf.  Once the ring is underwater, it’s not telling where it will end up.  Luckily the tide was receding but will only be going down until around 5:50PM.  I told her that I could be there in about 10 minutes.

When I arrived, I met Olivia and her friend Bessie.  They showed me where they had been sitting and the path they took to the beach.  The walked south for about 50 yards after that and then noticed the ring, which Olivia put in her pocket, was missing!

I fired up the D2 and followed her path to the beach.  I even went deeper than she had showed me thinking it may have been washed in by the very active waves.  Nothing!  I proceeded south along the path of her walk covering it from the water to the dry sand.  I found nothing but a few bottle caps.

I was heading back to Olivia to ask what we had missed.  I cut between where she had walked on the beach and where she had walked down to the beach.  Ding! A strong hit.  I scooped the top layer of sand carefully…the gold ring shined out brightly.  It was the ring!

I held it up and Olivia ran to get it.  She was over the moon!

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