Lost - Platinum Sapphire ring, Southern Shores, OBX - FOUND!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Andreas at about 10:30 on Friday.  He said that his wife had lost her ring in Southern Shores on the beach.  I asked him if he thought it was in the water.  He replied that it should be in dry sand.  I told him that these things normally work out best the sooner we can search and that I could be there in about 10 minutes.  He agreed.

When I arrived I met Crystal and Andreas.  Crystal explained that the ring was in a pocket, and it came up missing yesterday.  I asked her to describe the ring.  She said it is a platinum ring with a single blue sapphire. She said she thought it was lost on the beach, but it could be anywhere from the house to beach, which is where she noticed it was gone.

As we cleared the dune crosswalk, I fired up the XP detector.  I told her that I like to scan as I’m going to the suspected area just in case.  I asked Crystal where the tent was the day before and the path, she took to get to it.  I followed her lead as she took me to where the cabana was.

I started the sweep in the area on the water side as I normally do.  I took my hat off and ask for the Lord’s help.  I put my hat on and immediately got a big signal.  The ring was in the scoop!

I carefully put it in my hand and held it up to show Crystal.  She put it on her finger and fell to the sand.  She was overcome with tears of joy!!

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