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Engagement ring in the bay – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Let me just say that this is the kind of best man you want!  Anthony and his wife Katie have been searching non stop since their best friend’s fiancé lost her ring somewhere at their home on the water in Fairhope. Unfortunately, they didn’t know exactly where it was lost and after a month of searching the water and the yard and even in the house, they were starting to think it was lost forever. Luckily the couple reached out to me and Tom and I headed to Fairhope. Anthony did a great job explaining the events of the day and I decided to start in the water and Tom hit the yard. Anthony said he timed us and it was only 39 minutes before I came up smiling with a beautiful ring in my hand. It’s not everyday that you can find a ring that has disappeared into the bay for over a month only weeks before the wedding. Thanks for letting us be part of a story that will be around for a lifetime. Congratulations!  💍

Ring Found, Orange Beach Al

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Tess lost her absolutely beautiful wedding and engagement rings while vacationing at the beach. She and friends searched the beach for hours, sifting the sand with no success and it was getting dark. She called me at 9:30 that evening asking if I could help. After discussing details of when and where, it was the best guess than it was lost either on the sandy beach or in the water. I said I would help and I would be there at daylight. Tess met me just as the sun was up enough to see and reviewed the area to search. It was a fairly large area. I decided to search the beach first before lots of people showed up and before the umbrellas went up. The search took about 2 hours. When looking for a gold ring, depending on the metallurgy it could mimic just about any other commonly found metals. Because of that fact I had to dig every signal. I did lots of digging on that beach and did not find her ring. Next step was to search in the water. Fortunately there was not that many signals in the water. I think I dug about 10 targets before coming upon a weird signal, the target data kept jumping around suggesting a soda can but the signals could have been a gold too, so I started digging. Digging has to be done with care to avoid and damage to precious property. It took me three gentle scoops before the target was in my scoop. The entire time I was saying to myself this is a soda can, I know it’s a soda can, but knew I had to dig everything. To my amazement Tess’s cherished ring was there safe and sound. I learn something new just about every time I do a ring recovery, her ring was really three rings probably with different metallurgy!

2 Lost Rings! -Gulf Shores, AL – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

This weekend my family stayed at our condo in Orange Beach. We were joking on the way over that Murphy’s Law would kick in and I would get a call for a ring return back towards home or even farther the other way. Fate was with us though when sure enough a young lady named Madison called on the second night from only a few miles away. She explained that she had lost her wedding band and her engagement ring earlier in the day.  I got some info and we made plans to meet the next morning. Madison had been on the beach with her family but she was missing her husband who was in Texas making plans with his brand new job. She took me and my wife Jeannie to the area and Madison had been honest that they had walked in about a quarter mile in the sand. She had left their tent as a marker the evening before but unfortunately it had been removed since you’re not allowed to leave it overnight. Luckily the beach service had left the umbrella in the sand so we were able to see where they had been the day before. Madison had taken off both of her rings and put them in the cup holder of her beach chair. When they got ready to leave her Mom picked up the chair and shook it to get the sand off and then put it on their rolling beach cart. When they got all the way back, Madison remembered the rings and pulled out the chair only to find that they were gone. I told her not to worry and that they were probably close to where she had been sitting. I was wrong. 😳 I completely searched the area making a grid pattern both ways and I was positive that they weren’t there. I ended up slowly tracking back the fading lines of the beach cart from the day before. When I got about halfway back, sure enough I got a gold tone and reached down with my scoop to remove some sand. I was able to see a rose gold band barely peeking out and quickly dug a little deeper to find her engagement ring right near the band. It was a really big area and I was so proud to find them both. Madison had already returned to the condo but it was awesome when my wife and I walked the rest of the way and were able to give the rings back to Madison in person. Congratulations Madison and I hope you and your husband take some of this luck with you to your new home in Texas. 🍀👍😃