IPhone ProMax recovered at Spring Lake Beach NJ

I justed walked in from work when my phone rang. Walter was calling asking for help in locating his IPHONE ProMax. While enjoying the day at Spring Lake Beach, Walter and his wife were sitting at the top of the slope, Walter had his back turned to the ocean checking his cellphone when a rogue wave came out of nowhere and knocked into him causing him to drop his phone. There was a trough behind them and he saw his phone land into the water in the trough. When the water resided they tried to find it, even asking the kids in the area to help dig through the sand with their hand to try and find it but with no luck. I started a grid in the trough and on the 3rd pass I heard a nice high tone and after removing some sand there was Walter’s phone. He was so relieved to have his phone back, and to make sure it still work he called his wife who was only 15 feet away. A great ending to what could of been a bad day. Happy to help.

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