Recovered Wedding Band at Ocean Grove NJ

I got a text from Rachel asking for help in finding her husband’s wedding band early last Saturday. While enjoying the day on the beach ( Friday) her husband went in for a dip to cool off and felt his ring slide off his finger, he tried to grab it but it was to late. I headed down to the beach but had no luck finding parking, went back down at 3 o’clock and lucked out with someone leaving so I grabbed their spot. It was already low tide so I got to work but being so hot there were alot of people in the water and it was hard to detect. Figured the only way to look for it was to go down for 3am low tide. Got to beach at 2am and after gridded in the water for an hour and half I found his ring. Living up north I had to do the return the following Friday. They were so grateful to get his ring back.

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