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Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Laguna Beach Business District … Found Inside Car

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…  Ella contacted me after losing her diamond engagement ring in a public area in a Laguna Beach business district. When she called I was on the beach two miles away. 

It didn’t take long to meet Ella and Nicolas at the location where they had been parked next to a city landscaped planter. Nicolas told me that they believed his wife’s diamond ring fell out of her purse when she dropped the purse after getting out of the car. They had also checked the inside of the car and moved the car to see if it had fallen under the car.

The planter was about a 10 ft x 10 ft area with well spaced plants and wood chip ground cover. After scanning the planter in several directions and following up crawling on my hands and knees using my pinpointer the ring didn’t show. 

I asked Ella to re-check her purse and we double checked the inside of the car. Boom! ring found on a small ledge under the steering column. We had established that the ring was not in the planter using the metal detectors. Process of elimination caused a reason to re-check the only other places left that had many hiding places. The inside of cars have many nooks and crannies that can hide a ring. Too bad a metal detector can’t work inside of cars.

Results, two very happy people that had spent more than two hours searching for their very sentimental ring. It was a pleasure to help Nicolas and Ella.


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Diamond Engagement Ring Lost While Surfing at Hermosa Beach…Found and Happily Returned.

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I received an email from Jessica in the late afternoon. She had been surfing at the beach with the board leash on her wrist, when a wave hit her and yanked the board, and pulled her engagement ring off of her finger into the “washing machine” froth and was gone. She had only been engaged for 3 months, and had only moved to California two days prior from Philadelphia. What a blow this caused to her emotions for certain. I looked at the tide chart, and could see that I would have to wait about 4 hours to go back at the lower tide. It would be dark, but that does not hinder the search process. we emailed back and forth, so I could narrow down the search area as much as possible, because she was not going to be able to meet me there for the search. I let her know I was going, and that I would let her know one way or the other if the search was successful.

I got down to the beach about an hour before the low tide to do the search. Jessica had sent me a picture of her ring so I knew what I was looking for. I got my phone out, looked at the mapped picture Jessica had sent me, and started just outside the perimeter, and worked my way in, working into about waste deep water then back out again. After about 5 or 6 passes, I got a good low tone signal dug, and in the beam of my headlight, I could see the sparkle of diamonds and I knew I had success. I sent an email to let her know I had found her ring, but she did not see it until the next morning, in which she was very happy. We arranged to meet at the beach for a return, and her fiancé accompanied her for the return, it was a special time of joy and smiles. That smile is what this service is all about!


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How to Find a Ring Lost from Beach Chair Cupholder .. Southern California Beaches.

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****  Julie called asking if I would help find her husband’s wedding ring.. She and her husband, BJ had spent the day at Riviera Beach in San Clemente, CA. The whole family enjoyed the day on the beach and upon returning home BJ realized his ring was missing. He had placed it in the pocket of his beach chair earlier that day;

I only asked if someone could meet me at the location. We had a very good chance of finding the ring as it had only been missing about two hours. BJ met me on the beach about an hour after the first phone call.

Most the beach was clear of people which was a good thing. We walked to the general area where BJ had a little trouble finding the exact place they had set up their day camp. Then he recognized some grapes in the sand that the kids had not eaten. Now we were in the zone. A couple minutes later I had BJ’s ring in the scoop. Another ring saved by TheRingFinders and a very happy guy that figured the ring was lost forever. Thanks to his wife, Julie for getting on the internet to find a RingFinder to recover the ring.

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