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How to Find a Ring Lost from Beach Chair Cupholder .. Southern California Beaches.

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****  Julie called asking if I would help find her husband’s wedding ring.. She and her husband, BJ had spent the day at Riviera Beach in San Clemente, CA. The whole family enjoyed the day on the beach and upon returning home BJ realized his ring was missing. He had placed it in the pocket of his beach chair earlier that day;

I only asked if someone could meet me at the location. We had a very good chance of finding the ring as it had only been missing about two hours. BJ met me on the beach about an hour after the first phone call.

Most the beach was clear of people which was a good thing. We walked to the general area where BJ had a little trouble finding the exact place they had set up their day camp. Then he recognized some grapes in the sand that the kids had not eaten. Now we were in the zone. A couple minutes later I had BJ’s ring in the scoop. Another ring saved by TheRingFinders and a very happy guy that figured the ring was lost forever. Thanks to his wife, Julie for getting on the internet to find a RingFinder to recover the ring.

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