Mans Platinum wedding ring lost in North Spokane WA, Found!!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

This morning I woke up with a lost ring call from a man named Sebastian. His story was short and sweet. Sebastian was walking with his wife along a path behind his apartment. With the snow falling he couldn’t resist a small snowball toss at his wife. Promptly the wedding ring he wore, also couldn’t resist flying off his cold finger. The couple looked and dug through the snow with no success. So after gathering my equipment I made my way over to Sebastian’s apartment. We spoke briefly about the lost ring and then I began swinging my way down the freshly plowed walkway. My thoughts were the ring had been pitched to the side of the path. However after two minutes of walking, Sebastian said “swing over the concrete path”. There was snow and ice covering the path enough to conceal the ring. My coil was about a foot from the boots of Sebastian when I got a signal. My pin pointer confirmed that it was close to the surface and my fingernail revealed the shiny rim of his platinum wedding ring. I think this search broke the record for my fastest recovery. A very good start to the New Year I’d say, the snow is always good at loosening rings.

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  1. Sebastian Zowal says:

    So grateful that Luke was able to find my wedding ring in such a short period of time! My wife and I were worried that I would have to purchase a new ring to replace the one I lost. We both didn’t want to do that because it wouldn’t have had the same sentimental value. Anyways Luke is now our hero and I will recommend him to anyone that needs help finding a lost item.

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