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Lost 14k Gold Bracelet Found by Ring Finders South Jersey Sea Isle city New Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Someone tagged me in a post on Facebook about a gold bracelet that was lost yesterday in Sea Isle City, NJ.  Pat didn’t realize his bracelet was missing until he was home later that day. He thought it may have gotten caught on his umbrella while packing up and dropped in the sand.  He gave me the area where he was sitting and it was recovered in around 20 minutes! Read the rest of this entry »

Lost Ring while tossing ball with kids. Ring found in 5′ of water. Returned in 2 minutes.

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

A re-occurring scenario playing ball in the water, Patrick’s Platinum wedding band was knocked off his finger on 8/22. He and several friends, and children search with no result. Patrick reached out to me for help. I had one search that had to be done in the morning’s low tide. I showed up at 11:30am and was given the needed information to start the search. In setting up my gear, a dime signal was heard, but I was too eager to get into the area so I left the signal and headed out into deeper water. A penny was the next target and I did retrieve it. Than the big bang, one shallow scoop and there it was a nice round piece of Platinum. Two minutes at most…but it will be a wait for a picture of Patrick and his ring as he was in California. His wife’s smile will be shown in the Book of Smiles until Patrick’s photo can be obtained.