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Lost engagement Ring at the Rincon in Ventura Found!

I got a call yesterday from Ryan who had been hanging out at the beach just south of Solimar in Ventura with her sister when she noticed her engagement and wedding rings were missing from her finger. The problem was that it had happened the day before and now she was back in Orange County where she lives and her rings were somewhere she hoped in the sand. I told her I would head out there asap and while on the way out there I realized that since today was the hottest day of the year the beach traffic was going to be off the charts. Sure enough I got there and the location she thought she was in was wall to wall people so I had to be patient in order to search and wait for some space to open up. Finally it did and if bottle caps were gold I’d be able to retire. In the 20×20 place I was hunting I pulled out 32 caps and tabs and foil. Figuring I had removed all the bad sounds I got a tone I liked, scooped the sand and in the scoop was a big rock! Under the big rock though was another rock, though this one had a little more value! I had one of the rings but not the wedding band itself. I put another 30 minutes into the search and expanded it into several different directions but no wedding band turned up.

When I called Ryan she was in tears because the diamond in her ring had been passed down to her and if we were only going to find one that was the one to find. I got her sisters address in Ventura and delivered the ring to her. If you have lost a ring or other jewelry don’t hesitate to call or text me at 805-290-5009. 

Lost Wedding Ring Surfers Point Ventura Found

I got a call this Sunday afternoon from Bonnie who asked if they could rent a metal detector to find a wedding ring lost in the sand at Surfers point in Ventura. When I explained that she would be better off having me come out to try and locate the ring she agreed and I was out the door on my way to Surfers Point. Surfers point is a popular place to surf and windsurf across from the Ventura County Fairgrounds. When I arrived there seemed to be 30 windsurfers in the water taking advantage of the wind at the point. After I met up with everyone it became quite clear that the wind also played a part in the ring getting lost.

The ring had been placed in the cup holder beneath a cell phone in a fold up chair. Unfortunately the chair was positioned just so it could take advantage of a gust of wind and as luck would have it, the wind came up and picked up the chair, the phone and the wedding ring and threw them across the beach. I outlined an area to begin my search and began gridding the area. First target was a tiny piece of junk and then about 30 seconds later I got a solid 9-10 on my Minelab Equinox, sunk in my scoop and pulled the ring out. A quick confirmation from everyone confirmed we had it and the ring and it’s story was safe. Another happy ending for Ventura County Metal Detecting Services and the family. This is the best job anyone can have!