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Lost Wedding Ring found in Bell Canyon CA.

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I got an email from my website ( from a young lady named Jourdan who had lost her wedding ring. She knew the area it was in because it ended up over the balcony of her home overlooking a steep canyon in Bell Canyon, a private community outside of Los Angeles. How it found itself over the railing and into the canyon was less important than getting ti back so we scheduled a time for me to come out. The area where it was thought to be in was a steep drop off of open dirt with pockets of dense brush and tumbleweeds and rocky outcroppings. It required me to detect mostly from my knees as standing up left me unbalanced and prone to falling.

I spent 4 hours during my first visit at her home removing hundreds of nails, bottle caps and various metal debris but did not find the ring. I agreed to come back out as I had time and today was that day. We started by throwing a couple of junk rings over the balcony to simulate the wedding ring and again I hit the ground from my knees and detected both with my equinox and my pinpointer. For most of two hours I got nothing but junk signals and I was close to giving up but I decided to move down the hill a bit even though logic said it didn’t get thrown that far. While standing over a large cattail bush I got a faint “10” on my equinox as I moved the coil through the bush. I had to walk below the bush in order to get on my knees and used my pinpointer to start seeing if I could locate the signal. I got a beep and then spied this:

┬áThere it was! 6 hours of searching on a steep hillside canyon and I had found the ring! Needless to say I was overjoyed and I took a moment to thank God for allowing me to find it. I called up to the house and let Jourdan know that her wedding ring was coming back. We prayed over the ring and asked God to continue to bless Jourdan and her family. Everyone was happy and the story of the ring continues. If you lost your ring don’t hesitate to call me at 805-290-5009 so we can get it back.