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Man’s Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Ocean at North Myrtle Beach SC, Found and Returned

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On May 13th, I received an email from Cliff stating he had lost his wedding band the week before, on May 7th, while swimming in the ocean in North Myrtle Beach. I thought the resort he said he had stayed at was in Myrtle Beach, so I passed the email on to Matt Fry, the ring finder for Myrtle Beach. After a few more emails with Cliff, I realized the ring was actually lost in North Myrtle Beach so I took the search and called Matt to let him know.

I got all the details from Cliff, including the fact that he lost his ring just a little over an hour after high tide, which was good, but he also said he was roughly waist deep when he lost it, which puts it out in the ocean a little further. Cliff was back home, in Ohio, so I sent him a google map of the area with my anticipated search area outlined, he replied that he thought the area should shift a little to the north. Looking at the tide table, low tide was at 9:55 pm, so I hit the beach close to 8 pm expecting to work the outgoing tide. Once I got to the beach, I expanded my search area out, probably 15 yards on both ends. Working parallel to the surf, I started my grid search at about the mid tide line. After almost an hour, and maybe 15 grid lines of 60-70 yards each, I got a strong 15/16 on my Equinox 800. I dug a shallow scoop of sand and saw the gold wedding band staring up at me from the bottom of the scoop. After almost a week, I was surprised the ring wasn’t deeper than where I found it, but so happy to have it in my hand. I took a couple of pictures and sent them to Cliff with a text of “BA-BOOM!!! Look familiar? Call me!” I got his address and got his ring in the mail the next morning.

I received an email on Thursday, May 16th that he had just received his ring. In his email he told me that he hadn’t told his wife yet that he lost it. He said that they were enjoying their vacation so much that he didn’t want to ruin her time, although, both his sisters and daughter knew it was lost. Shortly after they got home, she left town on a work trip, and that’s when he searched the web and found one of my posts about finding another couple’s ring and contacted me. So Cliff was extremely happy that his ring was found and returned before he had to break the bad news to his wife. Another very happy ending!

Cliff, thank you for trusting me to help find your lost treasure.




Lost engagement ring, Daytona Beach, Florida….Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

I received a frantic call from a dear young lady named Ellie and by the tone and stress in her voice it was apparent she was upset and flustered. For the life of me I could not understand what she was saying and she soon hung up. One minute later, Will called me and explained the situation. Will’s girlfriend’s sister, Kelly had lost her engagement ring in the sand at Daytona Beach and they had spent allot of time searching for the ring with no success. So I dropped what I was doing and told Will I would be there within the hour.
When I arrived at the beach I was greeted by four young adults with anxious looks on their faces. They showed me where Kelly had walked from the beach heading towards an aluminum stairway and apparently while she was approaching the stairway she was brushing the sand from her hands and from around her diamond engagement ring. When all of a sudden her ring slipped off her finger and dropped into the soft sand at the base of the stairway. They also explained that they had asked an elderly gentleman who was metal detecting on the beach, if he could please help them locate the lost ring, but he was unable to find it. So my first thought was to start by the aluminum stairway and work my way out onto the sand. My first pass along the stairway I got a “99” reading at three spots where the stair beams went down into the sand and just inches away I got a solid “44” reading on my Garrett AT Max metal detector. The first signal, the first scoop and there was Kelly’s lost diamond engagement ring! They had given up all hope and now they could hardly believe their eyes! I thanked God for another very happy search ending and for allowing Kelly’s ring story to continue!
Lost something? Give me a call ASAP! Mike McInroe…sunny Florida ring finder!

Lost ring in sand at Daytona Beach, Fl……Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Jan. 1st, I received this comment on one of my ring search stories. Rich wrote, “I believe I lost my ring on the beach approximately 50 yards to the right–facing the ocean–from the end of the Oceanview parking lot wooden walkway. It may have slid off my finger when I shook out my wife’s towel. It is a simple gold Florentine wedding band with “Marla love Oli 1974″ engraved on the inside. By some stroke of luck if anyone finds it, please notify me. Thanks, Rich” So I sent Rich an e-mail and asked him my usual questions, like: “What day and what time of the day were you on the beach and shook out your towel?” And “When can you meet me and show me the exact place where you were on the beach?” And, “And it sounds like you are not exactly sure that you lost it on the beach!” Rich’s response was “I am sorry, but I forgot to mention that I am in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and was vacationing in Florida when I lost my ring.”
Thankfully Rich was able to give me precise details about where they were on the beach and what the area looked like. He even sent me a link to a google map with a pin of where they were when he shook out their towels. One of his descriptions of the beach indicated that there was soft sand and a long row of seaweed close to where they were sitting. That is what it looked like on Dec. 26th–the day after Christmas. But when I arrived at the beach, 9 days later, it was totally different looking. Sometime between Dec. 26th and Jan. 4th we had some really big waves with extra high surf. Enough to take a good 3 feet of sand off the upper beach area. There was literally no soft sand, except way up on the dunes. So I set up my 4 flags in the target area and looked for 4 hours and no ring. I did find lots of other targets–185 to be exact! Old crusty, green coins, fishing weights and all sorts of items. I sort of figured the ring would not be there after so much erosion and made plans to come back the following Sat. to look again. When I arrived on Saturday, the tide was a bit higher than I expected and I wound up searching higher up the beach and after digging more green coins and fishing weights—to my surprise up pops Rich’s lost gold wedding ring! I could hardly believe it was still in the same general area after all that erosion. I determined that a mans gold ring is quite different than a coin in that it does not slide and move around like a coin would. As the waves wash over it, back and forth, it tends to go down because of the hole in the center.
Rich was thrilled to hear that I found his ring and I was able to mail it to him the next week. All told, I searched 5 and a half hours and dug 185 targets, while looking for Rich’s ring. And it was so worth it!! Lost your ring? Call ASAP!
Mike McInroe, in sunny Florida

Lost Electronic Car Key.. Dockwieler State Beach, Playa Del Rey, CA. .. Recovered from Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Jimmy and his wife Kimberly had come to Dockweiler State Beach to enjoy the evening with a fire on the beach. SoCalif. beaches have 100’s of fire pits on our beaches and they are in most cases very well kept.

That evening Jimmy played frizby with his daughter. He believed his Mercedes electronic key fob with several important keys fell from the pocket of his jacket while running around near the fire pit site.
The next day he returned to the location with a rake. After several hours of raking ( have you ever raked a football field?) Somebody suggested he call TheRingFinders. That’s when I got involved. We met on the beach and he showed me a large ( 1/2 football field size area )

I was sure that I could find it but not sure how long it would take. Sometimes you pick the right place to start your grid and it’s a short search. Jimmy had wanted me to start in one place and his wife was sure it was in another place. They had a dinner reservations so they couldn’t stay.

I can concentrate better on my grid while searching by myself. Thirty minutes later, Bingo ! Keys in the scoop.. His wife was right which made her happy and Jimmy was happy he didn’t have to tell his boss he had lost the work keys. .. It was a good search because I also had a chance to check out my XP Deus in some highly mineralized conditions with a lot of iron bits ( mostly nails ).
I called them with the good news and dropped the keys off at their house.

We don’t write up our no find stories. I have many, if the item isn’t there, it can’t be found. I will try anyway just because I know I can find it, if it’s hiding there. Love the challenge!



White Gold with Black Opal Ring Lost .. Huntington State Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Laurel called me at about 8:30 pm after she returned home from a day at the beach that turned out to be ruined by the loss of her special white gold with a black opal engagement ring.
She put her ring into the pocket of her shorts for safe keeping. Before realizing the ring was missing she had been running in the shallow surf and up on the dry sand near their towels. They spent several hours searching the sand near where they were laying on the beach. After giving up and returning home to Brea, CA.

After talking to Laurel it sounded like I could attempt this search without her and her husband driving 30 miles to show me the location. As it was late and only a couple miles from my home.
The beach closes at 10pm. So I left right after the call. Walked out on the beach where Laurel had left a stick in the sand. I suspected that the most likely place for the ring to fall from her pocket was when she put her shorts on the towel area. If not it would take some time to grid the location. Picking a place to start is difficult sometimes but this time I was lucky. A few minutes and the beautiful white gold with black Opal ring was in my scoop.
I called Laurel with the good news. She and her fiancé, John drove to meet me late that night to retrieve the ring that was actually her engagement ring. She said that she wanted to be wearing it when they got married in August. It was so special to be able to help them.

Lost Key Fob .. Seal Beach, CA. .. Found in Rabbit Hole

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

When Peter parked his car in a Seal Beach city parking lot to go surfing, he thought he could hide his electronic key fob under some loose dirt in the planter next to his car.
When he finished surfing, he went to retrieve his key fob and there was a freshly dug hole and no key to be found. He believed that it was a rabbit or some kind of rodent responsible for taking his key.
Peter called requesting my help. He couldn’t meet me but gave good directions which put me exactly to the scene of the mysterious disappearance of a $500 key.
It was not a location that I could use my larger metal detector so I started with my handheld pinpointer. My first thought was that a dog may have dug out a gopher hole possibly throwing the fob into the surrounding plants or landscaping.
Returning to check the hole, I dug down another foot where there were three separate holes. I was about to give up but probed into each hole with my Garrett carrot pinpointer. I got a signal but figured it had to be a water pipe. It just seemed impossible for the key fob to be 16 inches deep.
I just had to see what it was. Yes! It was the missing key fob.. I called Peter to give him the good news and he met me the next day. I still can’t believe this story

Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Sand .. Dockweiler State Beach, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Lucy and her husband Jason were at Dockweiler State Beach spending a few days in the RV park with their daughter and son.  The day before contacting me Lucy had put her white gold diamond wedding ring in her back pocket. The same pocket that she keeps her IPhone.

Several times during their day on the beach Lucy had pulled her phone from her pocket to take photos. She told me that she had been in shallow surf and on the dry sand from the RV parking area to the water (towel line).

One problem was they had to check out of the park by noon. I was able to meet them just before check out time so she could show me the large search area. I also noticed that the beach rake had groomed a lot of the zone. I got a good reading of what could be at least a two hour grid search. We were confident that the ring had been dropped in the sand.

I explained that this would be time consuming and I had to help they lady in Marina Del Rey first as it should be an easy search. They were understanding and decided to wait in the day parking lot.

Returning in less than an hour, I went directly to the top of the dry sand. I picked an area at random that looked likely to start my process of elimination. Within 15 minutes the beautiful diamond wedding ring was in my scoop. Amazing, considering the huge area and the possibility the rake machine could have dragged it down the beach.
I called Lucy and Jason with the good news. They had just parked their RV and were walking out to meet me. Everything worked out well and there were plenty of smiles and hugs. Plus they could drive home before the LA traffic got congested.

Unique Gold Ring Lost in Sand .. Marina Del Rey, CA. .. Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Claire called me as I was driving to another lost ring call at Dockwieler State Beach. She said that her daughter had lost a gold ring that was a duplicate to her ring. It actually had her mother’s ashes embedded in the setting. Her daughter was devastated at the loss which occurred the night before while she was swinging her arms standing on the dry sand at the beach.
They knew the general area and a beachfront resident was keeping watching over the location. I told her that another person was waiting to meet me.

I was able to reschedule the search for the ring at Dockwieler State Beach as it was a large search area.
I went to meet Claire at Marina Del Rey Penensula. We walked about a block down the beach walk where we could see that the beach rake had made one pass very close to the location of the loss.
I set up to do a grid search. As I was swinging my detector on my first line, I saw a glimmer of yellow gold in the sand. It at the top of a small mound caused by the tires of the tractor or rake machine. The tires actually pushed the ring to the surface.

It was an easy search because Claire’s daughter felt the ring fly from her fingers and her mother was able show me a general location. Claire was very excited and immediately called her daughter, Scarlett to give her the good news.

Lost Wedding Ring in Sand .. Newport Dunes Resort, Newport Beach, CA. .. Recoverd and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I had been out on my local beach which is almost my backyard. As I was putting up my metal detector after practicing with a new high frequency search coil, Armando called requesting help to find his wedding ring. He lost it throwing a football in the sand at the beach.
I was available and it sounded like an easy search if they were still at the location. I’m located in Newport Beach on the coast centered between more than 200 miles of beaches, so my first question was, what beach?
When Armando told me he was at Newport Dunes, I was so surprised I almost dropped my phone. That is where I live and he was just a block away from where live.
I jumped on my Segway, meeting Armando and his wife Brianna in record time. They showed me the area which was easy to identify because of the finger marks in the sand and some sifting tools they used in search for the ring. Beginning my grid search, the first pass was about 15 ft. Half way back on the second pass, next to a sifting basket, I was able to get a great signal that was Armando’s tungsten carbide wedding ring. It would have been terrible to lose this as they have only been 4 months.
Total time from the phone call was less that 15 minutes. I wish they could all be that easy.


Lost wedding ring, St. Augustine, Florida….Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Rob gave me a call and asked if there was any way I could help him find his lost wedding ring. Apparently while herding some horses on a small ranch where he and his wife live and work, his ring slipped off of his finger and landed into the soft sandy Florida dirt. He was amazed at how fast it disappeared and even knowing about where it landed, his efforts to find his ring in the sandy soil were futile.
About a week later, while searching the internet, Rob found one of my search and recovery stories on web site. And that’s when he discovered that there is an amazing service of metal detectorists who help people find their lost rings.
As Rob explained what happened the day he lost his ring, I felt quite confident that his lost ring could be found. And this was great news to Rob! Especially as he had only been wearing it for two months.
Two hours later I arrived at the small horse ranch and met Rob. As I gathered my gear and followed Rob down a narrow sandy trail- I could not help but notice how peaceful and quiet a place this was. The smell of fresh straw and the unmistakable odor of horses gave me a calm feeling of being way out in the country. As we got closer to the gate, Rob showed me exactly what he did the day he lost his ring. The area was no more than 15 feet square and would not take long to search. And sure enough I walked no more than 5 feet when I got my first signal. It came in around 16 on my Whites DFX metal detector and I was almost certain it was Rob’s lost ring. And as I kicked back the sand, there was Rob’s ring. So glad to be able to help you Rob and it was a pleasure finding your ring!
Lost something special? Call or e-mail me ASAP!
Mike McInroe, proud member of