Gold and Emerald Ring Lost on Hillside at Walt Disney's First House in Los Angeles...Found and Joyfully Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I was contacted by Mike who told me his wife had lost her ring at a friend’s house while shaking water off of her hands. She had received the ring just two days before for her birthday, so the loss was heartbreaking. We arranged a time to do the search when they had access to the house again.

I got to the house early, and it turned out to be a really special looking home, somewhat castle-like, so I waited for Mike to come. When Mike showed up his wife Nancy was with him, and they took me to the back yard where they showed me the area of the loss. It was a very steep hillside covered with ground cover and bushes. I asked how the loss occurred, and Nancy showed me that she had shaken her hands over the wall that separated the walkway from the hillside, and made a flicking movement away from her body. As I began my search Mike explained that the house was designed and owned by Walt Disney back in the 1930’s.

I started searching near the top, but began to concentrate on the middle and lower part of the hillside because of the motion she had made when she showed me at first. I went up and down (sliding a lot as well) going over the hillside with a larger coil to penetrate the ground cover. I also used my pin pointer in and around the bushes to insure that I did not miss anything. After about an hour of searching Mike and Nancy told me they had to leave because of a previously scheduled appointment, but introduced me to the house’s owner who said that I could remain and continue my search. Before they left I asked if Nancy could show me again how she shook off her hands, but this time wetting them first so I could see exactly how it happened. To my surprise the shaking when wet was more of a straight down action, so I decided to concentrate on the upper part of the hillside. She had tried to explain what the ring looked like so I was looking for what I thought was a medium sized woman’s ring. I continued my search going over the upper part of the hill with a “fine toothed comb”. The dirt was somewhat soft also, but I was expecting a surface recovery, or one that wasn’t too deep. I got to this one bush about 30 minutes later, and using my pin pointer I began poking around and into the dirt. Then right next to the stalk of the bush I got a slight signal, so I began to dig, and right next to the stalk down about 1 1/2 inches in the dirt was the ring. Here I was at Walt Disney’s house, and with all the magic what did I see; a very large heavy princess’s gold and emerald ring. The ring had a faceted crystal bubble filled with small jeweled emeralds, something a princess would wear. Because of the weight of the ring it penetrated the dirt and completely disappeared almost 2 inches into the dirt. We later arranged for me to deliver the ring to Nancy at their home, and was able to give the princess back her ring. What a special day for sure.


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