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Lost wedding ring in Simi Valley Found!

I got an email last night (Saturday) from Nancy who was distraught that she had lost her wedding ring while out in her orange orchard in Simi Valley. She had been cleaning up under trees and removing leaves and debris when she felt like something or someone was telling her to stop and look at her hand when she realized her wedding ring was gone. She reluctantly told her husband that she had lost it and after a few hours of thinking what to do they got the idea that they needed someone with a metal detector to help them. She located me on the Neighborhood app as she asked online and two folks recommended she contact me(word is getting around!) and she did and we made an appointment for today after church. Nancy directed me to an area and after covering it we had come up empty and so we began to retrace her steps. In addition to the orchard she had bagged up 3 bags of debris and I went through twom of the bags finding nothing. I was finding nothing in the orchard so I settled on the last bag of debris and after sifting it I was able to locate her ring with my propointer. Sometimes it’s not always the detector who finds the ring but the detectorist and this time I didn’t need my expensive equipment, just my propointer and bingo the ring was back. If you have lost a ring in sand, water or somewhere in the yard call or text Ventura County’s ringfinder at 805-290-5009 so we can get your jewelry back to you.