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Garage Sale at the Golf Course

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Dave called me. His golf bag obeyed the law of gravity and headed downhill for the nearest pond. When he was able to fish it out, there were many items missing. Several of which would make his life miserable for a while if not found.

Watch the video below for the events that took place!!

Car Keys Lost in the Snow in Moline, IL…Found

  • from Bettendorf (Iowa, United States)

I received an email last night from a young lady I will call, Nikki.  Nikki was cleaning the snow off of her car when she noticed that her keys had fallen out of her pocket.  We had just gotten nearly a foot of newly fallen snow and while Nikki searched through the snow with her hands and a rake she was unable to locate her keys.  I emailed Nikki a reply and told her that I would be out to her home in the morning and see if I could find her keys.

I arrived at Nikki’s house this morning and began my search, which was hampered by all of the rebar in her concrete driveway along with very uneven snow piled around her car.  I lowered my sensitivity quite a bit on my detector and I leveled off the snow with a shovel immediately around all sides of Nikki’s car.  The leveling off of the snow actually took longer than finding her keys as I would scan each shovel full of snow in the event that I had scooped up her keys.  Once I had a nice evened out surface of snow I found Nikki’s keys in hard packed snow on the drivers side of her car.  Nikki was at work so I delivered her keys to her at her office.  As expected, Nikki was happy to get her keys back in her possession.


Recovered Keys in Snow – Blackfalds, Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I got a call from Dan asking if I could find Keys in the Snow, to which I answered an emphatic Yes!  One of the metal detectors I use is the Garrett AT-PRO, the A.T. Stands for All Terrain and it really stands up to it’s name. Dan was calling me from a small town 132 km ( 82 miles ) north of me ( Blackfalds, AB ).  I agreed to meet Dan at 4pm, upon arriving he explained that his wife with her arms full and keys gripped in her mouth dropped them in the snow on the back drive way, which is gravel.  He had tried to locate them himself by shoveling the snow around, the natural thing to do, but not recommended unless your plan is to move your keys from one hiding place to another.   Which is exactly what happened, I turned on my AT Pro and got to work checking the areas he had shoveled to, 20 minutes later. Dan had the Car keys back in his hand, another successful recovery for The Ring Finders.  Dan explained to me that if I hadn’t recovered them it would have cost him over $500.00 to get two of the keys replaced as they had computer chips in them, as so many cars do now.  Now that I am retired from the normal work-a-day world I love my career as a Ring Finder that returns smiles to peoples faces.

Dan very relieved to get his Keys back

Dan very relieved to get his Keys back


Keys found in Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)
Peter's Keys

Peter’s Keys

Peter lives on a very steep property in the hilly suburbs of Wellington.  He was leaning on a balcony and dropped his car keys into the foliage some 10 metres below.  He had spent a couple of days looking but when he failed to find them he came across the RingFinders site when searching for a metal detector on the internet.
When I arrived Peter had been dropping small plastic bags full of stones to get an idea of where the keys may have landed.  This was great but there was always the possibility that the keys could get deflected by one of the many trees in the area.  To make matters worse there were several small metal utility pipes running down the bank right in the line where the bags had been dropped.
I use a CTX3030 and put on the 6″ coiled for this job.  I started at the top and slowly worked my way down the bank until I was standing at the bottom.  The pipes were causing a problem and I reverted to the handheld pinpointer.  A short time later I got a response while running the pinpointer through the top of a small shrub that was just above head height from where I was standing.  When I moved a leaf I got a glimpse of the grey plastic of the remote.

Peter was very happy to have his keys returned

Peter was very happy to have his keys returned

Peter was very pleased to get his keys back and gave me a very generous reward.
Isn’t it crazy how expensive these keys are to replace.  Peter said he would have had to claim insurance to replace his keys, so he was very relieved that he didn’t have to go through that hassle.

Lost Keys recovered in Snow

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Brandon, he had found me on The Ring Finders website ( He asked if I could find keys in the snow,to which I answered “I sure can!”.

It turns out Brandon was calling me From Red Deer Alberta a 250 km round trip from my my home in Airdrie. He had lost his Keys a week ago while shoveling his walks I’m front of the house and on the property and back drive plus he did the neighbors walks for them. The snow was piled up 3 ft high on each side of the sidewalks. When I arrived he pointed the area out to me and I decided to start in front along the public side walk. I tested my keys and was getting a Visual display ID of 75, so I figured his keys would likely be between 70 & 80. After completing the scan of the front of his yard I proceeded on to do the neighbors front yard and within 4 feet I got a clear but faint 75, I dug threw the snow and at about 1-1/2 feet up popped Brandon’s keys, he was thrilled!

He told me that it would have cost him over $350.00 to replace them not to mention the time and effort to do that. Brandon appreciated me coming out to find them for him as he thought he may never see them again. Once again The ring Finders to the rescue!

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