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Lost Keys at Beach – Found and Returned

  • from Orange (California, United States)

Jake called me at 7:30AM as I was getting ready for work and asked if I could help find his lost car keys. I asked a bit about the location, not far from me, but I was just getting ready for work. (Yeah, some of still work, lol) Since I know a couple other RingFinders work the beaches pretty exclusively, I asked if he could contact one of them, and he said he did, but they were not available to help.
They keys were for an older truck he was restoring, and only had the one set. He had lost them earlier the previous evening and had been there all evening and even stayed the night with a rake, searching and raking the sand to find them!

Since it sounded like he knew the approximate location, I figured it was an easy find (Never is, so I should just take that out of my vocabulary!) and said “I’m not going to leave you hanging, be there shortly!”
Headed down, and met him 2o minutes later, and found it was a big area where he had been raking for hundreds of yards!  Basically, somewhere between the parking lot and the shore, in a 50-Yard-wide swath and also they were on a huge sand wall at the beach as well. He also had his truck towed out of the lot so had to pay for that!
I searched over an hour in grid formation with my Equinox 800 and 15″ coil. Found about $1:30 in change, but no keys, and it was getting hot!  Looking at it on Google Maps, it was about 24,000 Square Feet of area to search!
I decided to search the large sand wall which was steep, and searched the top of it then walking parallel to it several feet down the bank, I found them!
Jake was over on the beach further still raking away, so I headed over and said “Man, I just can’t do that sand wall, it’s so steep and I am beat!” he said well, I guess they must be somewhere further, I will keep raking, and then I said “Unless they look like these?”  He was so happy and amazed I found them!

So rewarding to have found them and was able to go into work a little late, but with a smile and sense of accomplishment to start my day and his!

Garage Sale at the Golf Course

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Dave called me. His golf bag obeyed the law of gravity and headed downhill for the nearest pond. When he was able to fish it out, there were many items missing. Several of which would make his life miserable for a while if not found.

Watch the video below for the events that took place!!

Car Keys Lost in the Snow in Moline, IL…Found

  • from Bettendorf (Iowa, United States)

I received an email last night from a young lady I will call, Nikki.  Nikki was cleaning the snow off of her car when she noticed that her keys had fallen out of her pocket.  We had just gotten nearly a foot of newly fallen snow and while Nikki searched through the snow with her hands and a rake she was unable to locate her keys.  I emailed Nikki a reply and told her that I would be out to her home in the morning and see if I could find her keys.

I arrived at Nikki’s house this morning and began my search, which was hampered by all of the rebar in her concrete driveway along with very uneven snow piled around her car.  I lowered my sensitivity quite a bit on my detector and I leveled off the snow with a shovel immediately around all sides of Nikki’s car.  The leveling off of the snow actually took longer than finding her keys as I would scan each shovel full of snow in the event that I had scooped up her keys.  Once I had a nice evened out surface of snow I found Nikki’s keys in hard packed snow on the drivers side of her car.  Nikki was at work so I delivered her keys to her at her office.  As expected, Nikki was happy to get her keys back in her possession.


Keys found in Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand

  • from Wellington (New Zealand)
Peter's Keys

Peter’s Keys

Peter lives on a very steep property in the hilly suburbs of Wellington.  He was leaning on a balcony and dropped his car keys into the foliage some 10 metres below.  He had spent a couple of days looking but when he failed to find them he came across the RingFinders site when searching for a metal detector on the internet.
When I arrived Peter had been dropping small plastic bags full of stones to get an idea of where the keys may have landed.  This was great but there was always the possibility that the keys could get deflected by one of the many trees in the area.  To make matters worse there were several small metal utility pipes running down the bank right in the line where the bags had been dropped.
I use a CTX3030 and put on the 6″ coiled for this job.  I started at the top and slowly worked my way down the bank until I was standing at the bottom.  The pipes were causing a problem and I reverted to the handheld pinpointer.  A short time later I got a response while running the pinpointer through the top of a small shrub that was just above head height from where I was standing.  When I moved a leaf I got a glimpse of the grey plastic of the remote.

Peter was very happy to have his keys returned

Peter was very happy to have his keys returned

Peter was very pleased to get his keys back and gave me a very generous reward.
Isn’t it crazy how expensive these keys are to replace.  Peter said he would have had to claim insurance to replace his keys, so he was very relieved that he didn’t have to go through that hassle.