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Lost Engagement Ring Baseball Field, Brookside Elementary School, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Krista & Kyle         Ring in Grass

Kyle called this evening as he had been playing catch ball with his finance when Krista took off her glove and realized that her engagement ring was missing.    He then asked me if I could find the ring.

I meet up with Kyle and Krista at the school and they showed me the approximate area where the ring went missing and within 40 minute Bingo, Ring was reunited once again on Krista finger.

Thanks Kyle and Krista.

Lost Engagement Ring Sturgeon County Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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I received a call from Emma stating that she had lost her engagement ring in her yard on her acreage in about one foot of fresh snow.  Emma recalled that she had the ring when she came out of the house and that after doing her chores noticed that her ring missing. She searched for her ring for a couple of days but had no luck finding it so she did an internet search and was able to locate me on the web through the “theringfinders.com directory” and gave me a call.

When I arrived at her acreage Emma showed me approximately where she thought her ring was lost. I thought to myself that this search was going to be a challenge! (Mechanics Yard if you know what I mean) and as well, Emma had moved some snow around and pilled it on a tarp. I searched for 3 hours with no luck that day, I told Emma to call me once all the snow has gone from her yard as I would have a better chance of finding the ring.  Three weeks later Emma called me and told me that most of the snow had gone and would I come out to her acreage again. She informed me that she had rented a metal detector and with friends had hunted for several hours over the weekend with no luck. She was giving me another chance to find it and was prepared to go purchase another ring if I didn’t.

I headed out to her acreage and went to work searching the area again with no luck. Something was telling me to look beyond the area which she thought her ring might be. I searched for two more hours and there in a small patch of snow I found her ring. I can tell you she was one very happy lady when I called her over to her ring. It had been there lying in the snow for over one month!

Thank you, Emma, for giving me the opportunity to locate your lost engagement ring. I wish you all the best to you on your wedding day this summer.

Take care,

Norm Peters