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Lost Wedding Band Recovered, West Falmouth, Massachusetts

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

I had a great start to the day today.  In a morning call, Sarah told me how her husband had lost his wedding band at the beach the previous evening and asked if I might be able to search for it.  I met her and her girl friend at the beach a half hour later, and she showed me the location of the loss from a GPS fix that she had taken.  I queried her about how the ring was lost (it fell off as her husband was reaching for their dog as it ran by) and it seemed that the ring could not have traveled far.  The loss was at low tide and we were again at low tide on the wet beach, so it seemed like it would be a straightforward matter to make the recovery.  After about 15 minutes of spiraling and gridding on wet sand and gravel with no result except a rusty bottle cap and a chunk of foil, we conferred again and Sarah suggested that the loss might have been higher up the slope in loose sand.  It took only a couple minutes before that magic gold tone was ringing in my ears — I took a scoop of sand, gave it a shake, and walked the scoop over to Sarah with the gold circlet shining at the bottom.  The look on her face was priceless as she and her friend hugged and shed a few tears of joy.  I learned that the ring had been her husband’s father’s ring, which made the recovery extra special.  Thanks Sarah, for giving me the opportunity to help you out and save a family heirloom!