Lost ring at Coronado found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Laura was at the beach with friends and lost her wedding ring. She had taken off all her jewelry and had placed them in her bag. Through the course of the day she removed items from the bag and the ring must have accidentally come out with them. At one point, the blanket was dragged 30 feet downwind to get a good shaking to remove the accumulated sand. Once she realized that her ring wasn’t in the bag anymore, the search was on. Soft sand and fairly large possible search area = no success. One of her friends went online seeking help and TheRingFinders.com popped up. I got the call and gathered my gear for hopefully a quick search. I’d been out all morning detecting in the 100 degree heat, so, I was hoping for an easy one. After gathering all the info I could, I had them move a bit of their gear so I could start my grid. After a quarter and a few pieces of scrap metal, I got a low tone right at the edge of the supposed search area. After the sand drained out of my scoop, I see a nice diamond ring matching her description. Cheers go up as everyone realized that it had been found along with a couple of heartfelt hugs. A pleasure to meet you all and thank you for the reward. Now, time for A/C and a cold one!

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