Lost ring found at The Silver Strand State Beach

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Emily left a message on my answer machine, my voice mail, e-mail, and texted my phone about her engagement ring lost in the sand at the Silver Strand. I figured she must want it back! 🙂 We made arrangements to meet at the scene in a couple of hours so they could show me the search area. When I arrived, I got the story on how it was lost. She had caught a football and the ring popped off her finger. She immediately dropped to her knees and started sifting through the sand, but, couldn’t find it. She was joined by the rest of her group, but, the same result….no ring. Now, several days later, my concern was that someone else might have found it. There is a campground at the other end of the beach and many campers like to detect too. The good part was that they were in a less used area in front of the parking lot normally closed off during the week. She remembered where she was when she caught the ball, so, I started there and spiraled out from that point. I was finding a few good coin targets, so, I figured that nobody had beat me to the spot and gridded the area. After almost and hour and many promising foil targets, I got another weak foil signal and a couple of scoops later, saw a beautiful white gold engagement ring in my scoop. Needless to say, Emily was overjoyed to get it back and amazed that I found it, and that it was so far from where she had caught the ball.  That’s the way the ring bounces sometimes! A pleasure to meet you and thank you for the reward.100_1482 100_1483