Metal Detecting Equipment

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Product Information:

Repairing or Cleaning your scratched Metal Detectors Display Screen.

Several months back while working a job, I rubbed the display screen on my CTX3030  with a wet muddy glove and scratched the display screen.

The scratches were not always visable, but with the sun hitting it just right, it was very noticable and distracting.

 Came across this product by accident, but it worked very well on repairing the display screen on my CTX330; I feel pretty confident it would work well on any detectors display screen.

The product came out of a 3M headlight restoration kit purchased at Harbor Freight. After using the kit for it’s intended purpose, I tried a dab of the final polishing compound on the CTX3030’s screen and it took out the scratches with no problem.

The screen looks new again.

























Hope this is useful to someone else.



John Volek



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  1. John, this is great news. Perhaps you may want to put it on the general web so all detectorists may be able to consider this quick fix.

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