Lost gold wedding ring in Puyallup River recovered

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


I got a call from Dave and he asked if I was the metal detecting guy. I said, “Yes, what did you loose and where?”. He proceeded to tell me that he was still at the Puyallup River and that he had just lost his gold wedding ring while fishing. I could tell he was quite upset about the situation. After requesting that he take several photos of the exact area and how to mark the location I agreed to do a search the next morning.

Being a river hunt I wasn’t quite sure if a recovery would be successful or not but we had to at the very least give it a shot. Our Great North West is full of faster flowing rivers often making it extremely challenging to recover a ring. However we all know the results of not trying, and no one is happy with that result. Come along for the adventure and see how this lost river ring gets recovered and returned to its very appreciative owner.

What the video here:


Jeff Morgan


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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to go Jeff! And that was a great idea to have him mark the spot with a bag of rocks! I subscribed to your channel and gave you a thumbs up! Keep it up and I will be following your videos for sure!

    Mike McInroe in sunny Florida

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