Diamond Engagement Ring found in Fire Pit in Batavia Illinois

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received a call to look for an engagement ring that was lost on the lawn while collecting leaves.

The client was throwing some leaves onto a fire pit and later discovered that her diamond engagement ring was gone. She searched endlessly on her knees an even used a metal detector to search for it. They had dumped the ashes from the fire pit and could find nothing.

I arrived and asked her about what she was doing at the time. I immediately told her to put some water in the fire pit and we emptied the water. Nothing! I search the yard. I gridded it for over an hour, Nothing. Then I went back to the pit. The interior was metal so I could not use the handheld pinpointed. I looked very closely at the silt that remained in the pit. BINGO!!

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  1. Guy Fuller says:

    Really good job. Thanks for sharing!

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