Lost High School Ring in the Bluebonnet Flowers at Cedar Hill State Park

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

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Hello Everyone, we got an email from a mom in a panic.  She had hired a professional photographer to take Senior Pictures of her 2 graduating Senior High kids.  The photographer took them to Cedar Hill State Park where the Bluebonnet flowers are awesome this time of year.  The photographer had them doing all kinds of poses.  The mom, Donna, saw her son turn around quickly and she said “What’s wrong”, he said, ‘my ring came off’.

Seven people looked for the ring for 2 hours with no luck.  Donna found “theringfinders” website and contacted us.  We met her at the park on Wednesday.  Understand it is against the law to Metal Detect inside a State Park.  We contacted the Ranger’s office multiple times before receiving permission to only scan, not dig at all for the lost ring.  Donna walked us through the woods before getting to the Bluebonnet fields.   We gridded off a 30 x 30 ft area and began to scan.  It took about 20 minutes before I got a non-trash signal and when I bent down I saw the glint of a ring deep in the Bluebonnets.

I picked it up and said my favorite line, “Donna, I have a question for you, would you like to have this back?” and held up the ring.  She was so excited, she thanked us and thanked us.  The ring cost over $500 and her son had only had it a short time.

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  1. John Volek says:

    Looks like an amazing location, I was wondering how it was going to work out being in a State Park, nice job.


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