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San diego Beach Metal detecting Ring finder found 6 lost buried rings

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


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Recently in 2023 I was referred a call to help a lady find some lost rings in the sand at Trestles beach California. Erin explained to me the details of how & where it was lost. The biggest concern as a member of The Ring finders is getting there with my metal detector equipment before others do. Just weeks ago,,I saw a social media video of 6 guys with metal detectors & GoPro’s strapped to there nugget noggins.

We decided to meet ASAP that evening and I arrived promptly thanks to my Segway scooter that got me fast down this long bike path/Beach trail. She pointed towards a short section of the beach sands where the rings could have disappeared into.

I got to work right away and there was some good news off the bat,,No grid marks,,No dug holes,,a couple pieces of buried trash,,A coin I detected which means this area has not been scanned over yet. Then I get another familiar signal on my detector so I call her over as I believe this could be her rings that is beeping  multiple I.D#’s on my machine…Like a dime & nickel in 1 hole…So I carefully take one scoop in the sand…When magically all 5 rings appeared!  She was very happy and grateful I could help her find these lost sentimental rings.

“Gotta love this hobby,,,If it was a job,,I would Not love it.”  Being rewarded with smiles and good Karma is worth it all. Too top it off I couldn’t resist an eroded beach cut I saw a little ways up so decided to give it a swing. Shortly after I found a chunky Gold wedding band amongst old crusty coins. That’s what a few of us Ring finders call a bonus ring/possible return:).