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Metal detector in Oceanside combs the beach to find buried Gold ring,IPhone,Keys,Wallets all in a purse!

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

TheRingFinders metal detector service in San Diego helped find a buried purse full of sentimental & valuable items at Oceanside beach. WHO Ya gonna call? 760 889 2751

Over this summer I have helped many people find lost jewelry along with other items at the drop of a hat. From the cry’s of help to a matter of urgent timing of finding a lost diamond wedding ring before it gets found by a local hobbyist detecting….Or even worse…A sand sifting machine!

This call actually came in from a security guard during a Surf event who was trying to help a marine couple at the beach find a purse they buried before going out to the water. I live nearby the Oceanside pier so I dropped my hat and was there quickly.

First thing to my amazement was a large crater hole maybe 25X25’ they had dug & sifted through frantically for hours!  I could definitely tell by that amount of work they really needed my help. We all have probably lost a wallet,Keys,phone,Ring but If you can only imagine losing everything important you have all at once! Then he says the most important item is his family heirloom Gold ring that was handed down.

So off I went swinging my metal detector around the outer perimeter of the crater then as soon as I made a lap and switched to the inner part I received a familiar large overloading signal …Sure enough it was it & I was able to save the night once again!

Sorry I did not ask for her to open/empty her purse for the standard photo shoot recovery due to privacy of other personal belongings.