San Diego Metal detector service for locating FOB keys

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

San Diego Metal detector service in San Diego here to help. Call Curtis Cox 760 889 2751 Member of The Ring


I received a call from a nice gentleman asking if I could help find an FOB key he accidentally lost down a hillside while swatting off the balcony rail. No big deal I said as I am still agile like a young buck, We chuckled then scheduled a time to meet later…

I arrived promptly with my metal detector as usual. The hillside was steep and brushes were thick,,,But luck wasn’t thin,,Just after 10-15min carefully scanning through I was able to locate it buried at the edge before the slope drops off. Definitely made Brian’s day as these smart keys are not cheap.


             WHO YA GONNA CALL???




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