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Professional Metal detector equipment tool helps find a lost Gold ring in Lake San Marcos Ca,

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The Ring Finders Metal detecting service helped find a Lost Gold wedding band in lake San Marcos Ca, Call Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

October 31, 2023 was not a typical Halloween morning after receiving a call to help find a lost gold ring. I had a busy day planned but thankfully this was lost behind a private home on a private residential lake.  Public areas are more urgent so we scheduled a time to meet later that afternoon.

Upon arriving promptly with my Ring Finders costume & submersible Metal detector I met Tracy & her husband at their home to go over the story of how,where,when it may of been lost?? Tracy’s father-in-law was visiting on vacation when he slipped down the short slope into the shallow lake behind her home. One of the neighbors witnessed it then pulled him up out of the water. Later on the he noticed his Gold wedding band was missing!

They explained,,He had already flew back home but you can only imagine the sadness & sorrow from losing something so important not knowing if you”ll ever wear it again.  So I scanned over the short weeded hillside above the water and ruled it out as it not being there. The 2nd place or last,,Would be in the lake approximately 2’ deep. So I grabbed my sand scoop to retrieve any potential targets while they set up a ladder from me to safely get down.

First thing off the bat I received a strong signal on my metal detector with an I.D reading of #18. Target ID numbers is a numerical representation of an object’s conductivity when exposed to the electromagnetic field generated by a metal detector. From my experience,,This strong 18 signal that was beeping told me its a good chance being his gold ring.

I carefully reached down into the compact bottom under the murky lake with my hand,,Then miraculously pulled out the precious lost gold ring. They were so thrilled yet relieved I could help find what may of been lost forever.