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Metal detector personnel here in San Diego Don’t buy or rent we help find lost gold Jewelry

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


Metal detector service in San Diego here to help find lost jewelry.Who Ya gonna Call ? Curtis Cox @ 760 889 2751


Received another urgent phone call on September 8th,2023 to help find a very sentimental diamond ring. Ashleigh asked me about my charges or fees?? So I explained that I work on a reward basis meaning it’s entirely up to you. She sounded relieved about that especially that I could help her immediately. So I stopped what I had planned that second and burned gas to get the beach located in Carlsbad less than 20min to help her. Everything was wonderful,,I was able to recover the precious ring buried in the sand quickly. We celebrated,Took some photos,,They asked for my Venmo info for compensation which I sent just after to Mrs.s Yob but Never got a response back or at least a penny fuel for expenses. The END!