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Lost wedding ring found Oxnard Shores Beach

I received a call this morning from Jason explaining his friend Steve had lost his wedding ring somewhere in the wet sand at Oxnard Shores beach. Because of the way the sand sits on the edge(big slope) a single high tide can bury a ring pretty deep in just one tidal sequence if the sand gets pulled down. I immediately left my house and headed to the beach. I listened how Steve had been throwing a stick towards the water and on this one toss his ring decided to follow the stick out towards the waves. I began gridding in the location and was not getting any target signals and moved closer to the water and after about 2 minutes in the wet zone I got a tone and after a couple of scoops I had the ring out of the water/wet sand. It was awesome to be able walk back from the water with the ring securely in my scoop and return it to Steve. Everyone was happy and the ring was back on the finger.

Lost Ring Channel Islands Oxnard Found

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I got a call from a nice young man named Sean Sinclair this afternoon asking if I could come over to his brother’s place to help find their recently passed father’s wedding ring. Around September 2017 their father was helping to complete some renovations on the house which is located on the canals in Channel Islands harbor. The back of the property backs up directly on the water and while dusting off his pants his ring flew off over the edge of the deck and landed in the water.

They didn’t call right away because tide was high and they thought they had time. Unfortunately circumstances changed rapidly and he was diagnosed with cancer and passed on. Fast forward to today and I got over right as low tide was in (a good 0.0 today) and I had about an hour and a half to work before I’d be washed out and have to wait for the next low tide. The area under water was extremely rocky and I picked the wrong scoop to use as a carbon fiber handle and slimy muck make it very difficult to dig and scoop. Making things even more difficult was the cement wall was reinforced with tons of rebar which interfered with my detector. Sean’s mom Connie stayed with me as I chased several fishing weights, hooks and other metal debris until we got a BINGO and a ring appeared in the scoop.

In life they say timing is everything. The house where the ring was lost was in escrow and the next 3 days were pretty much the only days left to hunt with the tide and the closing of escrow looming. It was divine providence for sure.