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Wedding band found in Port Credit, On.!!

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Nick called me a few days back about his wedding band that was lost over a month ago.

Nick told me that he had shovelled the snow from his driveway and then walked up the steps of his front porch. He then pulled his gloves off to open the front door.
When he pulled off his left glove, he felt his ring come off with it and then heard a “clink” on the porch.
He immediately began to look for his wedding band and figured it had gone over the edge and into a snow covered garden full of hedges. Since the snow has since melted, Nick had looked a few more times for his ring with no luck.
He then went online to try and rent a metal detector and subsequently saw Theringfinders pop up in the returned search results.
He figured it would be better to call a professional than to try and rent and that’s when he called me.
I was able to meet with Nick this morning, Saturday March 13, 2021 at his home in Port Credit, just a little west of Toronto.
When we met at the house, Nick showed me exactly what happened over a month ago.
I grabbed all my gear from the car and began the search.
I used my metal detector to cover as much area as I could in the garden with the shrubs and then searched the front lawn in case the ring went flying off the porch but had no luck.
I put my detector away and grabbed my pinpointer ( a small handheld metal detector ) and tried around all the bases of the bushes in the garden and then all along the shrubs surrounding the porch, still nothing. I wondered if the ring hit something and jumped through a hole in the trellis surrounding the bottom of the porch. This has happened before. I grabbed my flashlight and looked through the trellis all around the porch, nope, it didn’t jump through a hole.
I grabbed my pinpointer again and began to dig with my hand around the back of a hedge right beside the porch and as I did, I put my pinpointer on the pile and got a nice signal. Sure enough, there was Nick’s wedding band.

After I searched that area the first time, I shook all the shrubs and I’m sure I must have knocked the ring out because it certainly wasn’t there the first time I looked.
I went and got Nick and showed him where his ring had been sleeping outside for the last month.

We took some photos, chatted for a bit and I was on my way.

Not long after I got home, Nick sent me a very nice testimonial. Thank you Nick
Here it is….


Thanks again for coming to my house and finding my ring.  The service
you provide is top notch.  The entire experience from reaching out on
the phone to meeting you in person and watching how you find lost
objects was amazing.  In my case, I lost my wedding ring in the front
area of my property while shovelling snow.  There was no way I would
have ever found it without hiring you and especially because you found it
in the hedges.

Highly recommended to anyone that needs a quick find if you’ve lost
something important to you.

Nick Dauphinee

Nice to meet you today Nick and I’m happy I was able to help out.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Wedding Band Found..! Markham, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

A few days ago I had a call from Dave about his father’s lost wedding band.


Dave told me that his father was cleaning up the backyard two weekends ago and when he was finished the yardwork, he noticed that he was no longer wearing his ring.

Everyone helped look for the ring for a few days without any luck and then Dave’s father went on holiday until this afternoon.

One of the fears was that Dave’s father had bagged some leaves and had already thrown them out in the garbage. We were all hoping the ring wasn’t in that bag.

Dave was going to have me look for the ring and hopefully find it so he could surprise his father with the ring when he got back from holiday.

I was able to meet with Dave this morning at his father’s house and Dave gave me the hot zones where the ring may have been potentially lost that day.

I first searched the side yard of the house and then the backyard and finally made my way to the front garden searching for the ring. Still, without any luck I then began to grid search the front lawn when all of a sudden Dave steps out of the open garage, holding up his father’s ring.

I asked him where he found it and he said it was in his father’s work gloves in the garage.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I don’t care how a ring is found as long as it gets found.

Great job Dave..!!!!

I’m sure your father is going to be happy upon his return home .!!!

Nice to meet you today Dave and I’m really happy your Dad will get his ring back.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Gold Wedding Band Found.! Toronto.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Jon called me late last night about his lost white gold wedding band.


Yesterday afternoon, Jon was walking on Cherry Beach in Toronto with his two young daughters and at one point, his daughter holding his left hand tried to pull him in another direction and he immediately felt something different about his hand. He stopped walking and noticed his wedding band was missing. After looking for his ring for about thirty minutes, Jon had to give up and get his daughters home.

Jon found me online after a quick search and I was able to meet him at Cherry Beach first thing this morning.

After showing me what had happened yesterday, Jon started to help me draw grid lines in the sand.

I had just finished my first row and then started on the next one and almost immediately got a great signal.


I pinpointed the target and removed about three inches of sand and sure enough, there was Jon’s wedding band. Either Jon or someone else yesterday stepped on the ring to push it that deep.


After showing Jon where the ring had been hiding, I took a few photos and we were on our way.

Great to meet you today Jon.!!
Happy I was able to help you out.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Lost Engagement Ring Found.!! Toronto

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call early this afternoon from Dinie about her lost engagement ring.

Dinie and her family are from Brooklyn, NY and are in Toronto visiting with some relatives.

So, last Wednesday, the family is sitting on the back deck of the relative’s home and Dinie was sitting in a deck chair and removed her wedding rings and placed them on her lap. She then went to put them back on her finger moments later and was now missing her engagement ring. She had no idea what could have happened to it.


They all searched in the cracks of the deck, the ground below the deck and and all around the deck but still could not locate her ring.

They then raked all the grass around the deck hoping to reveal the ring and still nothing.

I was able to meet Dinie today at her relative’s home in Toronto and got a few more details.

After searching for around five minutes with no luck, I went up onto the deck and had her recreate exactly what had happened.

I went back down into the yard and started to expand my search around the deck and got a great signal pretty far away from the deck and thought it would be impossible for the ring to be this far from the deck merely by having it slip off her lap.

Anyway, I pinpointed the area and moved some grass aside and sure enough it was Dinie’s beautiful engagement ring.



The only thing that makes sense is, is that the ring must have be raked further away from the deck last week while they were searching.

Glad I was able to help out today and you can return home with your ring.

Great to meet you today .!!
Have a safe trip home.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Wedding Band Found.!! Etobicoke, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Jim called me on Sunday afternoon about his lost gold wedding band.

Jim told me that he had come home from the gym last week and had his wedding band and keys in his hand before he entered his house. So he wouldn’t lose his ring, Jim put the ring into one of his boots that were on the front porch and would get it after his shower.

Well, after his shower, Jim came out onto the front porch and went to dump the ring out of his boot into his hand but the ring fell out, hit the porch and bounced towards the front garden.

He immediately tried to locate the ring in the garden with no luck. He looked for it again a few more times and still couldn’t seem to find it so he got online and found me.


I was able to meet with Jim tonight at his home in Etobicoke, and got the full story again.

I grabbed my gear and entered into the garden and began my search.

I kept getting drawn to this plastic box/valve cover right beside the porch and turned my gear off and grabbed my flashlight.


Rings are pretty sneaky little things and if they can find a way to hide, they will. Trust me.

I thought, what if the ring bounced off the plastic box and jumped through one of the holes in the lattice work around the porch.??


I tried to see if I could see the ring from the box side of the porch but didn’t see anything. So, I moved around to the front of the porch and aimed the light towards the box on the other side and sure enough, I spotted the ring right away. Just laying there on it’s side.

That’s exactly what the ring had done. Hit the box, and hopped through a hole and out of view.

You can run, but you can’t hide rings .!!!

I told Jim I found it and showed him where his ring had been camping out for the last week.


Jim pulled up the plastic box so he could get his hand under the porch and pulled his ring out.

This was a pretty fast recovery. Maybe ten minutes tops.

Really happy I was able to help out Jim and thank you so much for the generous reward.

It helps me keep my service going and doing what I love to do.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Lost Gold Wedding Band Found.!! Toronto.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Yesterday, I had a call from Julianne about her husband’s lost gold wedding band.


She told me that they were playing at a local park with their daughter yesterday and as they were leaving the park, Julianne’s husband noticed he was missing his wedding band.

They immediately began looking in the areas where they had been playing and were unable to find the ring. Julianne’s husband then left to go and purchase a metal detector and returned to the park where they tried for several more hours to locate the ring with no luck.

After hearing the story yesterday from Julianne, I told her I could meet her there this morning.

I met Julianne this morning and she gave me the details of where the ring could be lost.

I said I would start in a specific area she pointed out while she was so sweet to go and grab us a coffee down the street from the park.

About five minutes after she left for coffee, I got an iffy signal in my headphones that didn’t really sound that great but I reached for the pinpointer anyway. Glad I did..!!
After pinpointing the target and moving some weeds and clover out of the way, there was the wedding band sitting at a slight angle.


I put the ring in my pocket and walked back to my car and waited for Julianne to return.


When she came back and handed me my coffee, I thanked her and told her I’d pay for it.

I took the ring and a bunch of change out of my pocket and showed her my hand. She said don’t worry about paying, and I guess she didn’t notice the ring right away. I held out my hand again towards her and then she spotted the ring laying with the change.

The look on her face was priceless.

She then teared up a little and gave me a huge hug.

What a great job we have..!!!

After chatting for a few minutes and grabbing some photos, I was on my way.

Very nice to meet you today Julianne.!!

Happy I was was able to help out and thanks again for the coffee.!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Gold & Diamond Wedding Band Found. Toronto.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Yesterday I had a call from Goran about his lost wedding band.


Goran told me that he had been moving some sod and dirt around at a construction site and when he returned home he noticed he was no longer wearing his wedding band.

In a panic, Goran returned to the site and looked for hours for his ring with no luck.

On top of feeling this loss, Goran’s wife was out of the country and he wrestled with the thought of telling her while she was away as he didn’t want to upset her.

After two days of not being able to find the ring, he finally called his wife and told her the bad news.

She was apparently very upset and they both felt helpless.

Goran then got online and found me almost right away.

I was able to meet Goran at the construction site today and got a few more details about what he was doing around the site.

I then grabbed my gear and started eliminating the large dirt piles one at a time.

After I had a pouch full of old nails and junk targets I moved on to the last dirt pile and sure enough, after about two minutes, I finally got a great signal in my headphones.

After pinpointing the area, I scraped away a few inches of loose dirt and Goran’s beautiful wedding band came into view.


I called Goran over and showed him where his ring was hiding for the last few days.


I could see a wave of relief come over him and he was very excited to see his ring again.

He then told me his wife would be home tonight from the airport and he couldn’t wait to surprise her with the ring.

After a few photos I was on my way.

Thank you so much Goran for the nice reward.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Gold Diamond Ring Found..!! Jacksons Point, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call from Steve yesterday about his lost gold and diamond ring.


Steve told me the ring was his father’s pinky ring and Steve now wears it as his father passed away five years ago.

Last Saturday, Steve and a group of people spent the day
at a Salvation Army church gathering in Jacksons Point, Ontario, and during the day Steve was playing some catch on the large front lawn with some other people.

While catching the baseball, Steve told me he remembers taking his ball glove off quite a few times, and would occasionally throw the ball with the hand his ring was on.

Well, when they got back inside, Steve noticed his ring was missing and immediately went back out to the large lawn and began looking for it with some other people and couldn’t find it.

Steve returned twice more to try and find his ring and still couldn’t see it in the longer grass.
He told me today it’s was very difficult to have to leave the area knowing he was leaving his father’s ring behind.

After getting online when he got home, Steve found me on theringfinders and I was able to meet him at the church this morning.

As soon as we arrived we could see that the grass had been freshly cut. This didn’t worry me though, as I’ve only ever seen one ring that had been clipped by a mower. Plus, being a larger, heavier man’s ring, it’s going to lay pretty flat against the soil.

Anyway, as the yard was so large I knew we were going to have to run grid lines but I tried to get lucky for ten minutes or so without the lines but had no luck.

I got my lines and Steve helped me run them and we started to grid off the lawn.

We got a few junk targets as we went and then after about 45 minutes, I got a great signal in my headphones and couldn’t wait to pinpoint it as it sounded so promising.

As soon as the probe hit the target, I felt the target move and then caught a slight glint of gold. Parting the grass I could finally see Steve’s ring. What a relief.
I know this ring holds huge sentimental value to him.





I called Steve over and showed him where the ring had been hiding.

Obviously he was extremely happy the ring was recovered, and I was very happy for him.

I took a few photos and was on my way.

Thank you so much Steve for the nice reward.
It really helps keep my service going and let’s me do what I love to do.

I truly love my job.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

White Gold Wedding Band Found..Toronto.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

Last night I had a call from Roy about his wife Emily’s lost wedding band.


Emily had been gardening all day yesterday, trying to get the backyard ready for summer and at the end of the day noticed her wedding band was gone.

She had planted a few things, pulled a bunch a weeds and bagged them, and generally cleaned up the yard.
The ring could have been anywhere.

I was able to meet Emily this morning at their home in downtown Toronto and got a few more details.

The yard was fairly small, but there were metal objects all over the place. Tomato cages, solar lights, ect.

I was hoping the wedding band would be in one of two of the yard waste bags as this would save us a ton of time moving all the metal out of the yard.

I grabbed the first yard waste bag and laid it on it’s side and flattened it out a little.
After grabbing my detector, I made a single pass over the bag and got a beautiful signal right away. I was thinking this was too good to be true.
After grabbing my pinpointer, I stuck it into the yard waste midway down into the bag and got the signal pinpointed. I reached for the target and Emily’s ring literally slipped over the tip of my finger.


I started laughing and showed Emily her ring. She was very happy to see it again and was surprised how fast the entire search was.

Really happy I could help out today, and thank you so much for the nice reward.
It really helps me keep my service going and doing what I love to do.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Tungsten Ring Found…Whitby, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call yesterday from Daniel about his lost tungsten ring.


Daniel told me that they were dumping some grass sod out of the back of a trailer and he later noticed his ring was missing. He went back to look through all the dumped sod for quite a while but still could not find his ring.

I met Daniel early this morning at a new subdivision in Whitby where the sod was dumped and got a few more details. Daniel also had a nice coffee waiting for me which was a nice surprise.

He told me that his ring was getting tight on his middle finger so he moved it over to his ring finger shortly before dumping the sod.
He was sure it was in there somewhere.


I set up my gear and first started checking some piles of sod and then moved to a small area in between the piles. After getting a few junk targets, I got a really strong signal and used my pinpointer to check the target and move some dirt out of the way. Sure enough, Daniel’s ring popped into view.


The whole search took maybe two minutes at the most.

Glad I could help today Daniel, I know the ring means a lot to you.

Take care,

Mark Ellis