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Lost Wedding Band in Baton Rouge, LA. – Found

  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

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Sid got a call from Yvette two days after her husband lost his platinum wedding band in their back yard. He was shaking pool water off his hands when more than water flew off. The search area was small but the ring could not be located by their visual search nor with a borrowed detector. Sid and Carrie arrived at the search area the next day. Both detectors (Garrett Ace 350 and AT Pro) went wild with interference. Not from power lines, from underground wires in the search area. Down on our hands and knees with pin pointers. Sid hunted the holly bushes and found the ring under leaves at the base of those bushes. Total search time, 20 minutes. Another smiling face (actually, three smiling faces) and we were on our way home. Thank you Yvette for the generous reward. This helps keep these search services available.