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Man’s Wedding Ring Slips Off Finger Disappearing into the Ocean .. Newport Beach, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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*** JJ  was at Newport Beach, CA. with his family. He had been out in waist deep water playing with his kids when he felt his white gold wedding ring slip off his finger.  The key clues that gave me hope for a successful search were, he felt it come off his finger, during high tide, the location has a hard sand bottom and the next low tide was a minus low at 2am in the morning.

He sent me a couple photos that gave me great reference points. I went in the late afternoon to search the dry sand and down to the water. ( many times people do get confused about if the felt the ring come off ) … I returned at midnight to grid search the minus low tide. Only three pieces of metal trash. Then a strong low tone with perfect ID numbers for a big gold ring. The water was ankle deep. The sand was hard so the ring was only about 3 inches deep. 

The next morning I texted JJ with the good news. He wasted no time and drove to pick up his ring an hour after we talked. He was very appreciative and I could tell just by his presence that this ring meant the world to him.   I never get tired of doing this. Such a challenge and always a pleasure to meet someone I can help.

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