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Lost Ring in Firepit .. O’Niell Park, Orange County, CA. .. Same Campsite as last Recovery

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**** “Believe it or Not “  .. Taylor called me about a gold wedding lost while camping at O’Niell Park in Orange County, CA.  The location of the loss was the exact campsite that I found a motor cycle carburetor part two days before. Kind of spooky especially when I have never had an any searches at the park. ( there are 80 camp sites.)

The story goes, Taylor and his buddies were have large campfire that evening. They gathered some extra brush from the river bed to make a big fire. Sometime while the fire was still burning he discovered his gold wedding ring was missing.

After reviewing a video they had taken using their smart phones, it was on while throwing fuel in the fire. He came the next day with a metal detector and couldn’t find it.

He called me the next day. We met at the campsite, where I began to grid search the loose sand and wood chips. Taylor asked if he could help. I asked if he would use my beach sand scoop to remove the ashes from the metal lined fire pit. I had him spread the ashes far enough away from the metal fire pit so I could use my metal detector. He had told me that he had checked the ashes yesterday.. Guess where the ring was hiding ?? The ring showed up in the ashes. Taylor was a happy camper, telling me he might just leave it blacken wearing it like that for a while.

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