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Lost Tungsten, Gold & Diamonds Wedding Ring at Royal Hawaiian Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring hunt began when I got a call from Nate who was on vacation from Seattle, Washington.  While wrestling with his son in chest deep water his Tungsten, White Gold and Diamonds Wedding Ring came off and disappeared in the soft sand.  He tried using a mask & snorkel but the ring was buried.  I agreed to meet him first light on the beach.  While I was waiting for Nate to arrive another detectorist strolled through the low tide trough.  I texted Nate “Hurry we have competition!”  I told the competition what we were doing and he continued out of the area.  Nate set some grid extremes for me and in I went in with the Manticore.  The sets were coming in crazy from waist deep to over my head.  A few times my headphones got ripped off my skull.  After completeing the grid in about an hour I had only found a silver toe ring, a broken copper necklace and a cherry earring.  Nate became quite sure of his distance so I went out and did a parallel to shore hunt.  Suddenly,  I had a screaming target and after two scoops there was the ring in my scoop.  I told Nate I believe I got it.  I noticed him clasp his hands in prayer and one look in the scoop it was confirmed.  Wife never has to know!  Aloha to Nate!