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Lost wedding ring Mondo’s beach Ventura found!

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I checked in with the Lost and Found on Craigslist this afternoon and saw a post for a lost Titanium wedding band at Mondo’s beach in Ventura which is just south of Faria beach colony. Evidently Jared was out surfing on Saturday afternoon while his wife and 4 year old daughter relaxed on the beach. Jared’s wife got up for something and out went the ring into the sand. As normally happens she panicked started reaching into the sand and then kids who were next to her on the beach joined in and suddenly there were a bunch of hands in the sand moving the ring around.

I got directions from Jared as to where he was at Mondo’s and I had a good idea of where to look as I have surfed this particular break many times and I know the beach well. Jared was able to meet me there and I happened to be within 10 feet or so of where he and his family had been and he marked out an area and within a minute or so I got a 36 on my new XP Deus and i dug in and we had a wedding ring in the scoop! It was an awesome way to end a great day as the sun was beginning to set as Jared and I were both pumped we got the ring back. Another happy ending for Jared and Ventura County Metal Detecting Services, proud member of the best jewelry recovery team in the business, The Ringfinders. If you’ve lost your ring don’t hesitate to call me at 805-290-5009 so I can find your ring.