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Lost Wedding Ring Set in Laguna Beach, CA. at Three Arch Bay in the Sand..

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*** Katie lost two gold and diamond rings from her beach chair cup holder while at Three Arch Bay in Laguna Beach, CA. Her husband contacted me at 9pm, asking me if I would be available to search for the rings the next day. 

He believed his wife was driving home after 4 hours searching unsuccessfully for the two very sentimental rings. He wanted to verify if she could meet me the next morning. When he returned a  call to me, he said she was still on the beach with 6 other people, with sifters and a beginners type metal detector. 

I told him I could be there in 30 minutes if Katie could wait at the location. This is a private gated community so they had to clear me through the security gate. She said yes and I was on my way. 

When I got to the beach, walking down the steps in the dark, I could see an army of searchers ( 6 ). Katie showed me where she had been sitting. The tide was rising and would soon be covering the potential spot where the loss could have occurred. I turned on my detector taking a few swings. Immediately I got multiple signals. With the whole group of searchers around me I dug up the first ring. The next scoop was the second ring.. 

Everyone celebrated with excitement and cheers of joy. They were also surprised that they had not been able to find either of the rings. Several of them said they spent much of their search time in the exact location..  A bit of experience, prompt response and the proper equipment is the secret to a successful recovery.. That’s what I offer.. 

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3 Ring Wedding Ring Set Lost in Volleyball Court .. Huntington State Beach , CA. .. Saved from Sand

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*** Dana was playing a volleyball game on the sand at Huntington State Beach, CA. During the playoff tournament game her soldered 3 gold diamond ring set came off her finger, disappearing into the sand. It was an important game, so they didn’t take time to search until after the game.

After the game all the players teamed up to search the sands for the ring set. Even though it was fairly large size they couldn’t find the ring set. Everyone left the beach, but Dana stayed frantically searching the sand by herself. This was so important as it was a wedding ring her dad gave to her mother and past down to her by her mother.

I received the call at 8:25 pm. After Dana told me she was still at the location, I told her the beach entrance is closed at 9pm. Even though it was close, there were at least 12 stop lights between my place and the beach entrance. If she could stay there we should be able to find it quickly. 

The first success was to arrive before the entry gate closed. The whole beach parking lot was empty when I met Dana . We walked across the sand to one of 30 volleyball courts and within a few minutes my metal detector gave me that sweet sound of gold. The beautiful gold diamond wedding ring set was saved and returned to Dana. 

I was surprised to leave my home, get to the location before the gates closed, find the ring, take a couple photos and return home in less than an hour from the time she called me.


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