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Wedding Ring Lost At Pine Knoll Shores Beach Found With Metal Detector

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Timing can be critical to locate a lost item.  Contact Crystal Coast Ring Finders after trying to pinpoint the area the item was lost.

Jesse was spending the day at the beach with his family and had taken off his ring because he didn’t want to lose it (ironically).  The ring was placed in a pouch of a beach chair.  Later that afternoon, they were packing up to leave and had forgot the ring was in the unzipped pouch. When the chair was folded and transported, the ring fell out into the sand without anyone noticing.  Jesse didn’t realize it was missing until later that night.  After searching all beach items and the vehicle, Jesse searched online and found TheRingFinders.com.

I was on the beach at the time I received his message and was about 8 miles away.  I headed to where Jesse lost his ring immediately.   After a few messages & calls, I had a good understanding of where Jesse’s family traveled on the beach.  My Minelab CTX-3030 hit a solid tone and Jesse’s ring was revealed.