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Lost Gold Ring Found in Taylor Michigan

A Golden Alignment……

…….As I stepped out of my vehicle at my chiropractor’s office for an appointment, Dr. Paul approached me. We’ve known each other for many years, and we joke around alot. He said I know you’ve told me about your ring finding but now I need your help. Taken by surprise, I thought he was kidding around. But he was serious and said his wedding ring came off somewhere on the grass portions of the property a few days ago. He also thought it may have been lost at a gas station. After my back and neck adjustment I turned on my MXT metal detector and started to grid search. One section revealed nothing but as I closed in on the front section, I got a real nice signal. Probing with my pin-pointer revealed his custom gold wedding band hiding below a patch of partially dead grass! Walking back into the office the employees were beyond belief that the ring was found. As Dr. Paul exited a room, I held the ring up for him to see. As he came closer, he exclaimed… that’s it! Totally thrilled he couldn’t thank me enough. So now with my back in place, and Dr. Paul’s ring in place, we all had smiles on our face!



Lost White Gold Ring with Diamonds Found In The Snow In Allen Park Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Joyful New Years Day……

…..was had for the pictured couple who’s ring I found for them in the snow today. He presented the new ring to her for Christmas to celebrate their first year of marriage. She was taking the holiday trash out last night and the ring came off. Being nighttime, they weren’t sure where it was even tho the area where she was wasn’t very large. They had checked the can and bags prior to my arrival to no avail. They tore up the house searching everywhere. He went today and bought a toy type detector which only caused more frustration. When I got on site I noticed he raked and salted the area where they thought it was. The area was composed of gravel for the driveway, spruce needles, cones and the aforementioned salt, snow, ice. The scent of the spruce trees and the cones on the snow was peaceful to me, reminding me of being out in the woods hunting for relics. Firing up the MXT I gridded the area and got mixed metal signals, nothing close to where this ring material type usually shows up. There was also a car that could not be moved and a aluminum sided post for the porch overhang.
Reducing the sensitivity as much as possible to get close to the large metal objects helped but I still got an overload signal. Scanning slowly towards the post and moving around it I got a suspect +12 /+18 mixed with an overload signal right near the base of about a 5″ snow pile. Probing with the garrett carrot I got that good vibration that we all know what it means. Brushing the snow around revealed this gorgeous white gold ring with diamonds! They couldn’t believe that it had been in a total different area from where they thought. It made their New years day even better as they thought it could not be found…. and something wonderful to look back on as they grow older together.