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Lost Gold Ring Found in Taylor Michigan

A Golden Alignment……

…….As I stepped out of my vehicle at my chiropractor’s office for an appointment, Dr. Paul approached me. We’ve known each other for many years, and we joke around alot. He said I know you’ve told me about your ring finding but now I need your help. Taken by surprise, I thought he was kidding around. But he was serious and said his wedding ring came off somewhere on the grass portions of the property a few days ago. He also thought it may have been lost at a gas station. After my back and neck adjustment I turned on my MXT metal detector and started to grid search. One section revealed nothing but as I closed in on the front section, I got a real nice signal. Probing with my pin-pointer revealed his custom gold wedding band hiding below a patch of partially dead grass! Walking back into the office the employees were beyond belief that the ring was found. As Dr. Paul exited a room, I held the ring up for him to see. As he came closer, he exclaimed… that’s it! Totally thrilled he couldn’t thank me enough. So now with my back in place, and Dr. Paul’s ring in place, we all had smiles on our face!