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Lost Family Gold Necklace at Bellow’s Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This necklace hunt began when I got a call from Makana. While enjoying the day at Bellow’s Beach on Oahu’s East Shore Makana picked up a beach chair and carried it to a new location. Unbeknownst to him his girlfriend Makana…Yes both are named Makana! had placed the Gold Necklace in the chair’s puka and when it was moved and shaken of sand the Gold Necklace disappeared. The family members combed and raked the sand but the Gold Necklace was never found and that’s when they reached out to me. Ironically, I was heading in that direction to drop off my detecting buddy Terry so I told Makana I’d swing by and see what I could do. Makana was waiting on the roadside and saved a parking spot for me. We headed down to the beach and Makana introduced me to his family members. I could see the sand had been moved around quite thoroughly so the grid was pretty much known. I fired up the Nox and started my grid search. The beach was clean but the first target was a piece of aluminum. Then I got a very unusual tone and dug a lead fishing weight but that wasn’t what I heard. Sure enough there was a nice #3 still on that spot and in one gentle scoop there was Makana’s Gold Necklace dangling from my scoop. I heard a few sighs of relief and I handed the necklace to the nearest family member. Everyone was very appreciative and gave thanks. Aloha smiles for Makana & Makana!

Scussett Beach, Borne, Cape Cod, Massachusetts – Bracelet Lost, Found & Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

The last day of vacation was not to be the last day on Sunny Cape Cod for Dargel. While tossing a football, running sprints, back flopping into the bay’s cool water somewhere along the stretch of beach Dargel’s very sentimental bracelet came loose, fell, and buried itself in the sand. Hours of searching until darkness set in was not enough time to find the bracelet. After flight changes and with a wing and a prayer the bracelet would be found the following day.

When I received the call, and after getting information about a lost bracelet, I knew I had to go. With such a large area to search I would need all the help I could get. I called Leighton, another Ring Finder, and we set up a meet time at the beach with Dargel. His world wide travel companion said that they would be in an army green Jeep Wrangler. OK, who would have known there would be two such Jeeps in the parking lot? It took a call before we found each other. Then it was off to the beach.

Unknown if the loss was in the water or on the sand, we started searching in the water then up the beach front to the dunes. Only a few targets were heard as we detected and gridding the best we could among some late day sun bather. It was my turn to leap-frog past Leighton, make my way further down the beach, stop, turn toward the water, and start detecting again. I heard a good signal which turned out to be a Matchbox car, and then a second car. I gave both cars to a young beach goer who took them to rinse them off in the water. My next signal came from a rather deep target, maybe another car, as I did not think the depth would be correct for bracelet to be at. I had to dig it anyway. WOW the rope bracelet now in my scoop had cubes on it with initials made of diamonds. NICE! Even better than nice, it was Dargel’s missing bracelet. A verification by a photo really was not needed as Dargel’s description would only match the bracelet I had in my scoop.

After some great conversation and taking of photos there was a quick good bye before Dargel was off to Boston and back to Cuba on the next day’s flight – with his bracelet. A terrific ending to two beautiful days. Look out in the next day as tropical storm Isaias will be over the Cape Cod Beaches. Dargel sure knows how to time his trip and is thinking about another trip back to Cape Cod, after having a jeweler repair the bracelet’s clasp.