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LOST RING FOUND! in Lancaster County PA!!

  • from Lancaster (Pennsylvania, United States)

The world truly does work in mysterious ways. This past weekend in PA was the real first taste of summer weather that he have had. I knew all weekend I wanted to get out to some permissions to do some metal detecting. However, as life sometimes does, I was caught up at home helping with some “honey-do” things as well as yard work. I was a little disappointed that I did not get out but I am always trying to stay present and not let things get to me. As it would happen around 9:45pm Sunday night I received a text message regarding a lost ring. Now I was already in bed with my eyes shut, but something made me look at my phone to get the text. I felt that this was a sign, that whatever power may be had placed this opportunity in front of me.

I set up to help find the ring the next day, which I found out was a Childs ring that was given to them as an engagement gift since their parents had gotten engaged.  As a step father myself I knew that this ring HAD TO BE FOUND and I was not going to give up until every inch of that yard was searched. The homeowners were super accommodating and gave me a very good layout of the yard. A garden, and a playset with about 100 feet in between was the search area. I started with the garden, which turned to take more time due to all the weed guard iron stakes.  No ring. I started to line out the yard working my way to the playset, with no luck. Where was this thing?, as rain clouds moved in my determination surely increased as finding this ring was now my sole mission in life (haha).

I made my way back towards the garden following my lines, luckily this was a new build and the ground trash was very minimal. Reaching the end of that pass I got a banger of a tone, super solid, my stomach dropped as did I with my pin pointer. Pealing back the grass I saw it, that shimmering metal (white gold). Now my mind instantly went to, “how am I gonna surprise them with it?”

I slipped the ring around the top part of my finger, called the lady out side to “question” if her daughter had been in the mulched garden. In doing so I pointed to the area, flashing the ring, and then…… the magical moment that makes all this worth it. SHE SAW IT! her eyes, smile, and “thankgoodness” nervous laugh said it all.

This ring was lost about 6 weeks ago and the the area “searched” thoroughly. The yard was also mowed several times (weph!! no blade marks).

I really believe that this adventure and the story of the ring was placed in front of me for a reason and I am so thankful that I was able to help.